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20 December 25 is born in the Bois-Colombes suburb of Paris, France
50 marries young actor Jacques L. Gallo in Paris, France. He’s about 26; she’s roughly 25. They met on the Paris metro.
10 June 53 as Nicole Gallo, she arrives in New York from Le Havre, France, aboard the America
1 September 53 arrives in New York with her husband aboard a Pan American World Airways flight from Paris
September 53 the Hollywood press tells that she looks like “a junior Rita Hayworth and speaks English with a delightful accent, accompanied by expressive Gaelic gestures”
November 53 resides in a suite in the Ambassador Hotel in Hollywood
December 53 returns to Paris
25 October 54 arrives in New York from Paris
November 54 columnist Louella Parsons wonders about “the amount of money spent to bring Nicole Maurey from Paris, Gia Scala from Rome and Myriam Verbeek from Belgium to test for Mary Magdalene in The Galilean...”
? Paramount brings her back to the States for a publicity tour on behalf of Little Boy Lost
? is dubbed playing opposite Charlton Heston in Legend of the Incas
January 55 columnist Walter Winchell reports: “Lance Fuller and Nicole Maurey are a 5-alarm-in-arm duet...”
? is signed by producer Hal E. Chester to play an Italian girl in Battle Hell
June 55 will return to France
April 56 graces the “April in Paris” ball in New York City
November 56 Louella Parsons returns to her: “French actress Nicole Maurey, who played opposite Bing Crosby in Little Boy Lost, and her husband, Jacques Gallo, have come to the end of their marital rope. The girl he likes best is Valerie French, Columbia star in Garment Center...”
57 she and Gallo separate
August 58 is off to New York to promote Me and the Colonel
c. February 60 contacts a Los Angeles barrister to file for divorce from Gallo but learns that she hasn’t been in the States long enough to satisfy residence requirements
9 May 60 Gallo divorces her in Los Angeles claiming desertion. Their marriage was childless. The press notes them leaving court “as happy as a pair of lovebirds.” Gallo will marry Georgene Landman in 1964 and die at age 81 in 2005 in Southern France.
11 May 16 dies at age 90 in Versailles, France
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