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Sherry Moreland
Sherry Moreland
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(Vivian Mallah)
16 January 22 is born in Manhattan, New York City, to Albert and Rachel Mallah
40 lives with her parents and siblings at 1820 West 5 Street, New York
41 starts as a model
November 45 as Vivian Mallah, she debuts on Broadway in Marriage is for Single People
July 50 is third prize winner at the Coney Island Beauty Contest. Comedian Milton Berle is pictured measuring her and first prize winner Carolyn Hanson.
October 52 as Sherry Moreland, she promotes the “Battle of the Southland” quiz show on Channel 11 in Long Beach, California
? marries Harry Eller
January 64 the press tells that she will return to the screen after more than an eight-year absence with a part in the upcoming Pyro
24 February 95 as Vivian Glassberg, she dies at age 73 in Miami, Florida
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