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(Lena Belle McCarrick)
2 March 22 is born in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, to William E. McCarrick and Clara L. Johnson
39 is "Miss Oklahoma" and 1st runner-up to "Miss USA"
? attends Oklahoma State University
? is "Homecoming Queen" for the Beta Fraternity
43 models and works at Grauman's Chinese Theater
45 helps her cousin, Eugene Worley, of Texas, in his successful congressional campaign. Worley tips off producer Walter Wanger to her photogenic qualities.
January 45 is among seven starlets selected as the “best bets” for screen stardom in 1945. The others are Kerry Vaughn, Daun Kennedy, Kathleen O’Malley, Barbara Bates, Poni Adams, and Joan Trent.
March 45 as Karen Randall, she is reported to have been discovered by producer Walter Wanger in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, a community of less than 1,000 souls
April 45 as Karen Randall, she’s reported being a cousin of Congressman Gene Worley
May 45 is noted dining at the Derby with Joan Crawford’s brother, Hal LeSueur
1 December 45 marries Patrick Francis Donnelly
16 July 46 her daughter, Kerry Maureen, is born
29 September 49 divorces Donnelly in Los Angeles
? marries Phil King
9 October 54 rumors of her death by a heart attack circulate - later disclosed to be an error her sister, Mrs. Tamara (Son) King, related to others. She misread a telegram stating Lena's best friend had died.

January 55 marries Dr. Hal Waugh Smith
? she and Smith adopt their son William Glenn Neal, born November 24, 1947
? she and Smith adopt their son Raymond Gary Wayne Neal, born July 5, 1949
63 divorces Smith
? moves to Oklahoma City
? marries Mr. Pruitt
? becomes a nurse, then a medical technician, helping her brother, Dr. Harold Lee McCarrick, at his osteopathic clinic
80 she and her brother face legal troubles concerning narcotics charges
7 August 84 her brother dies
2 April 00 dies at age 78
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