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(Barbara Kowin)
15 August 32 is born in London
51 starts modeling
c. 53 while in Rome for a holiday, she is discovered by Walter Chiari, Italy’s top comedian, and appears with him in a revue
? stays in Italy for four subsequent years and several movies
57 does Cat Girl, her first film under contract to Sidney Fox. The movie is filmed in three weeks.
has to overcome her fear of water while filming The Camp on Blood Island
59 has to get a driving license for The End of the Line
c. 60 is off to Israel to film TV’s “The Story of David” opposite Jeff Chandler
63 tries her luck in Hollywood
64 - 66 is in the States for six months each year to work on TV series such as “The Man from UNCLE,” “The Donna Reed Show,” The Wackiest Ship in the Army,” and “12 O’Clock High”
64 her alter ego in The Gorgon is played by 50-year-old Prudence Hyman even though Barbara’s not afraid of snakes
? does a TV pilot with Danny Arnold
c. 66 has a bad accident on the set of Rasputin: The Mad Monk, falling and striking her head, displacing her coccyx
67 films Quatermass and the Pit. In 1974 director Roy Ward Baker will remember that he was “mad about her.”
76 begins her two-year stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company
3 January 21 dies at age 88 in London of complications after COVID-19
Little Shoppe of Horrors, Picture Show Annual 1959
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