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(Marie E. Hendricks?)
31 is born out of wedlock in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father’s an Anglo-Irish policeman.
October 48 moves to Miami
? meets her future husband, Harry Walter Stinger, in Miami. He’s married.
49 marries Stinger in Broward County, Florida. He’s about 26; she’s about 18.
53 takes advantage of her striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe
glamour photographer Bill Hamilton recommends her to photographer Bunny Yeager
? is on Bunny Yeager's first magazine; they will remain good friends
54 is crowned Miami’s Marilyn Monroe at a beauty contest sponsored by the Miami Herald. As first prize, the Stingers are sent to Havana, Cuba.
October 54 columnist Walter Winchell knows: “Bold mag reports the discovery of Miss Monroe’s double on page 31. And, by golly, you will think so, too. Her name is Maria Stinger, a Miami model...”
? enters the “Miss Florida” contest
Late 54 does bondage-type layouts for Irving Klaw in Florida. He pays about $100 a session.
? her daughter Spring Dawn in born
55 her daughter Summer Sue is born
? her daughter Autumn Lynn is born
? the Stingers become acquainted with Sammy Davis, Jr., when Bunny Yeager takes them to Ciro’s
55/56 poses when Bunny Yeager gives Sammy Davis, Jr., some tips on shooting glamour photography
56 visits Sammy Davis, Jr., backstage in New York where he’s on Broadway with Mr. Wonderful
64 attempts suicide by an overdose of pills
February 65 divorces Stinger in Miami, Florida. There had been financial difficulties, including a bankruptcy declaration when his restaurant business folded, and problems due to her deteriorating mental and spiritual health. Stinger will remarry in April 1965.
? moves to Columbia, South Carolina, and begins a romantic relationship with someone in Charleston, which doesn’t work out
November 67 dies at age 36 by suicide from an overdose of pills
Steve Sullivan, Bunny's Honeys by Bunny Yeager, San Antonio Light,
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Bombshells by Steve Sullivan
Bunny's Honeys by Bunny Yeager