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(Nancy Lynn Cox)
20 December 47 is born in Bethesda, Maryland, to Ivan Lorenzo Cox, a U.S. Navy officer of Irish-English descent, and his wife Doris, who is of French-Canadian descent
49 moves with her family to Hawaii
52 her sister, Susan, is born in Hawaii
53 moves with her family to the Philippines
attends elementary school in the Philippines
54 her father retires and the family settles in Arkansas, Kansas
55 attends Sacred Heart Catholic School in Arkansas City, Kansas
Summer 64 moves with her family to Charter Oak, California
64 - 66 rides her pinto horse Chico in parades throughout Southern California and Arizona. She wins over 50 trophies and multiple ribbons while riding side saddle as a Spanish lady.
65 graduates from Charter Oak High School at age 17
August 65 is in Santa Barbara for a parade and festivities when the Watts Riots start. The Governor of California is out of the country, and no one is able to find the Lt. Governor, who happens to be one of the festival attendees.
66 is crowned "Miss Charter Oak" by Sandi Becker, "Miss Charter Oak of 1965." Later, Sandra Becker will compete as "Miss California" in the "Miss America" contest and finish as runner-up.
66-67 attends Mt. San Antonio College
67 moves in with her father's secretary in Los Angeles
works for producer Joe Whitman, actor Stuart Whitman's father
moves into the Studio Club in Los Angeles. Other residents are fellow aspiring actresses Sally Struthers, Farrah Fawcett, and Sandy Duncan.
changes her name to Nancy Hunter
is named Queen of Riverside Raceway
68 her friend Rusty Meek, an assistant director, schedules her for a part in a “Star Trek” episode, but she is out of town, being named Queen of the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame in Las Vegas
is on TV's "Tempo" in black leotard and black tights with wristwatches all over her body
68/69 promotes an American International Pictures’ movie in San Francisco
68 rides a chariot in Hollywood's Christmas parade
at age 19, she’s named Ivory Hunter and off to Palm Springs to promote an upcoming film project by producer William Freed. After a month with nothing going on she's put into a bus by the police and sent home.
meets dancer A'leshia Lee, who introduces her to producer Anthony Cardoza and Robert Slatzer, director of the upcoming Bigfoot
c. 68 attends the Hollywood premiere and party of Camelot, which is held in an enormous tent constructed in the parking lot of the old Aquarius Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. She has a fabulous time and dances with Rock Hudson.
69 as Nancy Hunter, she meets 40-year-old actress-singer Joi Lansing on the set of Bigfoot. Soon they become inseparable, claiming to be sisters. Both are blonde and green-eyed. Joi's mother treats her as a daughter.
Joi introduces her to comedian Joey Bishop, and he decides that she does not look like a "Nancy" but more like a "Rachel." So from that point on, she is known as Rachel Lansing.
she and Joi are photographed by New York's top glamour photographer, Maurice Seymour
69-70 she and Joi are out almost every night. Their favorite place is Nate n Al's, a Jewish deli in Beverly Hills.
70 she and Joi are pictured in Rona Barrett's Hollywood magazine attending the Los Angeles premiere of The Abominable Dr. Phibes
she and Joi are off to New York, where they stay for a year, first at a South Central Park hotel, then at ParcV, an apartment building owned by Joi's friend Herbie Palestine.
when Joi's husband, Stanley Todd, buys a house in Palm Springs, she and Joi move in. They also share a lovely apartment in Marina del Rey.
Joi has a gig on a Caribbean cruise ship going to Nassau. Rachel accompanies her. It turns out to be a disaster because the two are the only girls aboard.
Summer 71 she and Rachel reside at Mariner's Village in Marina del Rey
7 August 72 is at Joi’s side when she dies at age 43 at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica
74 becomes the manager and part-owner of The Greater Maui Food and Beverage Company, a restaurant that Todd buys in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
76 when Todd sells the restaurant she goes back to Los Angeles and becomes a Beverly Hills bartender
2 November 78 is married to Michael E. Jenda by a Los Angeles county judge in her Los Angeles apartment. He's 32; she's 30. Their witnesses are dear friends Teri Shepherd and Anthony Sartino, who were in the film Chop Suey, which was produced by Bruce Weber.
November 82 claiming irreconcilable differences, she divorces Jenda in Los Angeles. He will marry the waitress of his favorite restaurant.
18 November 82 marries Enrique Diaz Alberdi, renowned Argentine polo player, in Los Angeles. He's 33; she's 34.
83 is in "PM Magazine" a TV show for VH1
August 83 models for Enrique Castillo Pesado in Mexico City
84 divorces Alberdi in Los Angeles. He will return to and remarry in Argentina.
Late 85 leaves Los Angeles and settles for a calmer lifestyle in Phoenix, Arizona. Stan Todd dies suddenly a month later.
86 becomes a real estate agent in Phoenix
March 86 her father dies at age 70
90 - 91 attends the University of Phoenix
92 - 96 works as a chauffeur for Arizona Limousines, a prestigious company associated with CLS in New York, driving high-profile celebrities and well-known politicians.
96 - 01 becomes a personal assistant/chauffeur to Gloria Goetze Smith, a philanthropist and humanitarian
28 November 03 her mother dies
08 as Nancy D. Alberdi, she resides with her four dogs in Phoenix, Arizona
Spring 15 under the name of Alexis Hunter, she publishes "Joi Lansing: A Body to Die For"
Nancy D. Alberdi,
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