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(Thordis I. Brandt)
7 September 40 is born in West Germany of Norwegian and German descent
53 moves with her mother to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
? completes her nursing degree
Early 60s relocates to California with two friends who will later return to Germany
? takes dance lessons
? models and studies with a little theatre group
65 meets actor James Arness at the Columbia Studios commissary, and he asks to meet her. They are introduced on the set of “Gunsmoke” and start dating.
July 65 she and four teenagers assist host Art Linkletter on his “House Party” TV show
68 buys a house in Laurel Canyon
February 68 is in “Operation Entertainment” with Sivi Aberg, Eileen O’Neill and Shawn Robinson
October 68 is scheduled for a part in Robert Mitchum’s upcoming The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
? moves in with Arness at his Pacific Palisades homes
? Arness proposes with the condition that she quit working as an actress
January 72 tells the press she and Arness have called it quits, “but she said this so often it sounds like a broken record.” She finds consolation in the Baha’i Faith.
22 September 79 marries Brent S. Yadon in Los Angeles. He’s 19; she’s 38.
11 May 83 her son, Christopher Thor, is born in Los Angeles. He will study law.
02 resides in Beverly Hills
07 works as a private duty nurse
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