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(Darlene Ruth Engle)
2 February 36 is born in Texas to Max Donald Engle and his wife
c. 46 begins her screen career in Unfinished Dance opposite Margaret O’Brien
? tours with Jimmy Durante in his “Comedy Hour”
April 55 she and fellow MGM starlets Jean Patti and Jolene Brand are on a nationwide promotion tour for the studio's upcoming The Prodigal. They are reported to be guests of Sam Gilman of Loew's State Theater in Syracuse, New York, appearing on radio, television and on a giant float in front of the theater. The float is mounted with a Wheel of Fortune, a six-foot statue of Lana Turner, a black idol named Baal, and the starlets dressed as handmaidens to the goddess.
January 61 she and Larri Thomas are dancers on “The Bobby Darin Show”
16 January 72 marries William F. King in Los Angeles
10 April 76 marries William B. Hollman in Los Angeles
14 January 58 dies at age 48 in Santa Monica, California, of cancer
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