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(Christiane Magnani)
18 January 36 is born in Paris / Creteil, France
? is a sales assistant in Paris, France
March 52 is crowned “Miss Chatellerault”
53 is crowned “Miss France”
53 is crowned “Miss Universe” in Long Beach, California. She’s awarded a Universal International movie contract, a $32,000 sports car and a $2,500 wrist watch.
c. mid-53 meets Ronald “Ronnie” Marengo, the son of the owner of K&M Department Store while attending the opening of a K&M outlet in Hollywood. Each day he flies in with his helicopter to meet her.
19 November 53 announces her engagement to 22-year-old Marengo of Stockton, California. They plan to marry in January 1954.
14 January 54 marries Marengo at his parents' home in Stockton, California. He’s 22; she’s 17. Seven hundred guests attend, together with 50 photographers, and people from three TV and twelve radio stations. When applying for the license, it’s learned that she has just turned eighteen and that she was underage while competing in the “Miss Universe” pageant last year. They plan a honeymoon of several weeks in Palm Springs.
16 February 54 her sister Georgette marries director Vincente Minelli, the ex of Judy Garland, in Riverside, California. He’s 44; she’s 23.
24 March 54 Marengo files for annulment / divorce, alleging mental cruelty after a 70-day marriage, in Stockton, California. He accuses her of tricking him and charges she let him believe she wanted a home and children enough to forsake a prospective film career.
25 March 54 meets her attorney to discuss filing a counter divorce suit against Marengo
May 54 columnist Harrison Carroll tells she’s talking contract at RKO
June 54 Carroll reports that Jerry Giesler has engaged attorney Nat Brown, Jr., to represent her at the upcoming trial in Stockton
24 July 54 crowns Miriam Stevenson of Winnsboro, South Carolina, “Miss Universe” in Long Beach, California
? divorces Marengo, who she claims beat her and preferred whiskey to her company
August 54 dates dancer-actor Gene Nelson
56 leaves Hollywood and goes to Mexico
October 58 columnist Harrison Carroll divulges: “The end of the two-year romance between Christiane Martel, former ‘Miss Universe,’ and Miguel Aleman, Jr., was not due to any religious barrier to their marriage. I hear Christiane was able to secure church annulment of her brief union with Ronnie Marengo.”
? gets parts on Mexican TV
March 59 columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “Christiane Martel now is wearing Miguel Aleman, Jr.’s, engagement ring"
59 replaces actress Arlene Martel in Little Savage because she’s the producer’s girlfriend
June 60 is noted dating Aleman in Paris
20 March 61 marries Miguel Aleman Velasco, the son of Miguel Alemán Valdés, former president of the Republic of Mexico, in Mexico City. He’s 29; she’s 25. President Adolfo Lopez Mateos and his wife and the widow of President Avila Camacho are among the guests.
? Aleman will work for many years as a TV executive and will become one of the richest men in Mexico.
? her son Miguel Aleman Magnani is born. He will become a media executive.
? her daughters Claudia, Mónica, and Carla are born
78 at the “Miss Universe” pageant in Acapulco, Mexico, she is given a special award by the Mexican government
88 is one of the judges of the “Miss Mexico” pageant
91 her husband sells his stake in the media giant Televisa before entering the Senate. Her eldest son, Miguel Aleman Magnani, quickly purchase a new stake.
94 is one of the judges of the “Miss Mexico” pageant
98 becomes the first lady of the State of Veracruz when her husband is elected governor
00 as Christiane Martel De Alemán, she resides in Mexico and is very active in social circles
02 is one of the judges of the “Miss Mexico” pageant
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