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(Gloria Jean Rhoades)
17 February 29 is born in Los Angeles
May 48 models at the Navy Mothers’ Club fashion show
? begins acting on TV
August 55 is among a group of young hopefuls who visit Jennifer Jones on the set of Lucy Gallant
September 54 receives three dozen talisman roses every day for a month from an unknown suitor to her tiny Hollywood apartment. Eventually the spender turns out to be Liberace.
September 55 she and fellow starlet Eugenia Paul tour the States to promote The Adventures of Pancho Villa
28 September 55 she and Eugenia grace the San Antonio world premiere of The Treasure of Pancho Villa. Rory Calhoun, his wife Lita Baron, and Gilbert Roland are among the celebrity guests.

March 58 she and fellow model Jeanne Teslof are flower show princesses at Hollywood Park in Inglewood
November 59 is featured in Monsieur, tagged as Marlon Brando’s girlfriend
22 October 00 dies at age 71 in San Bernardino, California
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