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17 November 25 is born in Taurage, Lithuania
? is raised in Toronto, Canada
c. 46 moves to Hollywood at age 21
May 51 columnist Louella Parsons knows: "Incidentally, Mari Aldon flies home ahead of the rest of the Cooper company - that's how lonely she is for Tay Garnett..."
June 51 gossip tells: "There's a laugh in the romance items about Steve Cochran and Mari Aldon, his leading lady in The Tanks Are Coming. Their growling and snapping at each other during the picture was the fiercest since Kathryn Grayson and Mario Lanza last faced the cameras together..."
November 51 returns from location filming in Fort Knox, Kentucky, for The Tanks Are Coming
December 51 poses with the new Alaska auto license plate for 1952
January 52 columnist Erskine Johnson heralds: “Mari Aldon’s comment on an altar sprint with director Tay Garnett: ‘It’s no comment, but with a question mark.’”
tells Johnson that Hollywood had her listed as a camera-breaker until Warners signed her and cast her opposite Gary Cooper in Distant Drums
March 52 columnist Sheila Graham reveals: “Mari Aldon, who could have been a big star after her role with Gary Cooper in Distant Drums, won’t be. The Warners are dropping her like a hot coal. 'Too much temperament.'”
August 52 appears with Mike Stokey on his “Pantomime Quiz”
August 53 Louella Parsons returns to her : “Mari Aldon planes out any minute to join Tay Garnett in Cannes. He is working on a script for Alan Ladd.”
10 August 53 Louella Parsons tells that “Tay Garnett phoned from London to say he and Mari Aldon are getting married Thursday in a London registry...”
? marries William Taylor Garnett in London. He’s about 59; she's 27.
August 54 is on location in Venice filming Summertime
Late August 54 “Katherine Hepburn, who is allergic to parties, gave one in Rome in honor of Mari Aldon and Tay Garnett on their first wedding anniversary. Mari is in the Hepburn movie Time of the Cuckoo.”
April 55 is heralded a Continental Beauty in Esquire, along with Vera Molnar, Jester Naefe, and Tania Velia
25 October 55 her daughter, Tiela, is born in Los Angeles
17 January 58 becomes a naturalized US citizen
May 59 tagged a “TV actress,” she offers tips on slimming
August 70 files for divorce from Garnett in Los Angeles
October 77 becomes the widow of Garnett, who dies of leukemia at age 83 in Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital. Surviving him are Mari and their daughter, Tiela Garnett Daniels.
Early 90s resides at 3443 Hollydale Drive, Los Angeles
? resides in Las Vegas
31 October 04 as Mari Aldon Garnett, she dies at age 78 in Las Vegas. She is survived by her daughter, Tiela Garnett; grandson, Taylor Benatsou; granddaughter, Chloe Fazio; and sister, Janet Kozlowski.
? memorial services are held at Christ the King Catholic Community, 4925 South Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada
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