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23 May 12 is born in Detroit, Michigan
? models in Detroit and New York City
January 43 director William Wellman discovers her for the movies
April 43 columnist Jean Meegan tells: “Stephanie Bachelor, who does a sizzling strip tease in the new movie Lady of Burlesque, rose from the lunch table her first day back in New York and said if she did what she really would like to do that afternoon she would go to a burlesque show. She’s frankly curious – never been any closer to one than a Hollywood set.”
November 43 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “Reason for no romance rumors about Universal’s blonde discovery, Stephanie Bachelor, is that her heart belongs to the commander of a destroyer. They’ve gone together since school days in Detroit...”
June 44 Paul Muni takes her to the Maritime Day Dinner at the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles
September 45 columnist Jimmie Fidler announces that she “will marry Connie Hurley, wealthy Los Angeles businessman, in Octcber...”
March 46 columnist Walter Winchell knows that “George S. Kaufman in H’wood prefers Stephanie Bachelor...”
May 46 there are rumors she might wed Kaufman within a fortnight
c. 46 marries Cornelius “Connie” Hurley, Las Vegas businessman. He’s about 53; she’s about 34. In 1950, the Kefauver Crime Committee will link him, holder of the Continental franchise in Las Vegas, to Moe Sedway and Morris Rosen, acquaintances of Bugsy Siegel.
Januiary 47 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reveals that Stephanie “is honeymooning with Connie Hurley, a California bistro owner...”
February 76 becomes the widow of Hurley, who dies at age 82 in Las Vegas
22 November 96 as Stephanie B. Hurley, she dies at age 84 in Las Vegas
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