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17 March 37 is born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
? graduates from high school and works as a secretary
? starts modeling
? is an apprentice at the Frank Miller Theater in Milwaukee
59 is crowned “Miss Milwaukee”
July 59 places first runner-up in the “Miss Wisconsin” contest held at the Kenosha Country Club
January 60 represents West Allis, Wisconsin, among the candidates for the “Miss Wisconsin Press Photographer of 1960”
June 60 is crowned the first “Miss Sun Fun USA” at the Sun Fun Festival held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
May 61 is among the judges of the “Miss Oshkosh” pageant held at the Raulf Theater in Oshokosh, Wisconsin
10 June 61 crowns the new “Miss Sun Fun USA," Theresa Jane Bowden of Brower, Maine, at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
December 61 is chosen “Miss December” by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
January 62 has her first TV part on a Jack Benny show
December 62 as “Miss Morrey Brodsky of 1962,” she graces the opening of public relation man Brodsky’s Hollywood office
July 64 her new agent, Henry Willson, creator of Rock Hudson and Chance Gentry, changes her name to Tara Ashton
? meets actor-turned-director Robert Dix, son of actor Richard Dix, when he directs her in his first movie
5 January 67 marries the ex of actresses Janet Lake and Anna Mae Slaughter, actor Robert Warren Brimmer, aka Robert Dix, at the Los Angeles marriage license bureau and becomes Darlene Brimmer. He’s 31; she’s 29. His mother, Mrs. Virginia Van De Kamp, wife of food products company executive Walter Van De Kamp, is a witness at the ceremony performed by Municipal Judge Laurence E. Drumm.
January 67 she and Dix plan to honeymoon either in Hawaii or in Acapulco
19 January 69 her son, Robert W., is born
02 works as an executive secretary
03 the Brimmers reside at South College Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Both are members of the Baha’i World Faith.
? she and Dix split
07 resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5 March 11 as Darlene M. Brimmer, she dies at age 73 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
? is interred at St. Adalbert Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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