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22 October 32 is born in Los Angeles, California
c. 54 graduates from the University of California at Los Angeles
c. 55 marries experimental theater producer Monte Hellman
c. 58 starts at the Stumptown stock company, where her acting coach is Jeff Corey, and Roger Corman is a classmate
divorces Hellman. He will marry Jacquelyne A. Ravell in April 1962. She will star in his upcoming Flight to Fury.
Late 50s is a nice friend to fellow Corman regular Susan Cabot but seems always very sad
c. 60 doubles as Corman’s secretary and promotes young Harvey Berman to direct Corman’s The Wild Ride
11 September 65 marries Donald Freed in Los Angeles. He’s 33; she’s 33.
November 68 divorces Freed in Los Angeles
23 October 75 as Barboura M. Freed, she dies at age 43 in Santa Monica from a stroke and complications from cancer; her husband and son survive her.
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