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(Erika Crobath)
15 February 32 is born in Panjang Moravia/Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Her father is an Austrian tobacco planter. Later the press will tell she was born Baroness von Crobath.
c. 37 / 38 goes to Austria with her father at age 5/6. WWII prevents her from returning to Sumatra.
? attends school in Innsbruck, Tyrol
? debuts at the Exl-Theater and the? Innsbrucker Landestheater, Innsbruck, Tyrol
? meets young actor Walter Reyer while on stage at the Innsbrucker Landestheater
c. 49? marries Reyer. He’s about 27; she’s about 17.
50 while on stage at the Innsbrucker Landestheater, she’s spotted by producer Peter Ostermayer, who casts her for his Der Geigenmacher von Mittenwald
c. 50 / 52 her daughter, Veronika “Ronny,” is born. She will become a film editor.
c. 53 does political satire on the Viennese stage
? divorces Reyer
c. 54 is discovered by a Turkish producer and lives for nine months in Istanbul and Ankara. She films in Bombay, India; Lahore, Pakistan; and at the Taj Mahal.
c. 55 starts a torrid love affair with young actor Klaus Kinski during the filming of Um Thron und Liebe. Their relationship will last six months.
? meets her upcoming husband, Gustavo Rojo, at a party in Spain
c. 58 Rojo visits her on the set of Laila, filmed in Stockholm, Sweden
September 58 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Gustavo Rojo, handsome Spanish actor brought over by Warners to play the bullfighter in The Miracle, may have plans to marry German actress Erika Remberg, but that’s not keeping him from dating Venetia Stevenson in Hollywood.”
January 59 Carroll returns to her: “At MGM, Joe Pasternak introduced me to German star Erika Remberg, whom the studio is testing for a contract. She’s a real sex-pot. Erika is engaged to Gustavo Rojo, whom Warner recently brought over from Spain to play the matador in The Miracle. Erika tells me no wedding date is set...”
59 is tested by MGM and signed to a contract
April 59 films Lockvogel der Nacht in Berlin, Germany
May 59 there are rumors that her fiancé, Gustavo Rojo, has an off-screen romance with co-star Debbie?Reynolds while filming It Started With a Kiss in Madrid, Spain
Carroll knows: “Pending the arrival of Erika Remberg, actor Gustavo Rojo isn’t being lonesome. He took Anna Kashfi to dinner and he also has a date coming up with Mamie Van Doren...”
Carroll explains: “When they get married, Spanish actor Gustavo Rojo and German film beauty Erika Remberg will have a small language problem in their home. Erika flew to Hollywood with her 7-year-old daughter, Veronica. The child speaks only German. Gustavo’s 4-year-old daughter, Alexandra, now is with his mother in Spain, but will be coming here to live with him. Alexandra speaks only Spanish. Rojo has rented a three-bedroom honeymoon home in Benedict Canyon. If Erika signs for a 'Playhouse 90' TV show, she and Gustavo may have to delay their wedding until June...”
Early June 59 Carroll tells: “Corinne Calvet’s escort at Dino’s Lodge was actor Gustavo Rojo, who just completed a role with Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford in It Started with a Kiss... Gustavo’s fiancée, German actress Erika Remberg, arrives here any minute and they still plan to marry on the 23rd....”
22 June 59 she and Rojo pick up their wedding license in Los Angeles. The German press tells that she will marry Rojo in Santa Monica on June 23.
June 59 marries Uruguayan-born actor Gustavo Rojo. He’s 35; she’s 27. He is the widower of Spanish actress Mercedes Castellanos, who died in 1954.
September 59 Carroll reports: “Because Erika Remberg will have only Sundays off while she’s rehearsing her 'Playhouse 90' show, she and Gustavo Rojo may put off their marriage until mid-June. Erika, her daughter and a nurse already have moved into the honeymoon house Gustavo has bought...”
November 59 Carroll is back: “Rumors that he and his wife, Erika Remberg, are separated, are vigorously denied by Gustavo Rojo. ‘Erika had to go to London to do a picture,’ Gustavo explains. ‘She left her daughter Ronnie with me. I hope to join her in London for the holidays. I may take Ronnie or I may leave her in school here. But I probably will take my own daughter, Alexandra, who has not yet entered school. He and Erika have been wed only a short time. Their children are by previous marriages...”
c. 60 loses a part in an upcoming MGM movie to Gina Lollobrigida
Mid-January 60 Carroll tells: “Erika managed to fly to Hollywood for two weeks, but left for Europe again to start the picture Forest of Lovers. She will be gone for at least 10 weeks. ‘It is sad for us to be parted so much,’ declares Rojo. ‘I hope to be able to visit Erika in Europe next month.’”
End January 60 Carroll is at it again: “Once more actor Gustavo Rojo denies the persistent reports that he and his wife, Erika Remberg, have separated. Erika flew home for a couple of weeks during the holidays but returned to Europe immediately afterwards to make a picture. I heard she wouldn’t be returning. ‘She has to,’ Gustavo insists. ‘I have her little girl here with me. While she is in Europe, I am tired of keeping the home fires burning. But I am hoping to join Erika very soon...”
February 60 flash from Carroll: “Gustavo Rojo, just separated from Erika Remberg, was sitting ringside with Dorothy Provine...”
April 60 denies divorce rumors to the German press
March 60 Carroll advises: “Maybe we all can take a lesson from the European man. Gustavo Rojo told estranged wife, Erika Remberg, to come back here to discuss their marital problems. And despite all those European offers, after she has finished the French picture, Forest of Lovers, ‘huh?’, she is doing exactly what Gustavo suggested...”
April 60 Carroll knows: “The showdown between Gustavo Rojo and estranged wife Erika Remberg will take place soon...”
60 meets her future husband, director Sidney Hayers, while filming Circus of Horrors in England
November 61 poses at the quarry in St. Margarethen, Austria, to promote her upcoming Schlagerrevue 1962, where she plays opposite her husband
October 63 is in London for six weeks to film Saturday Night Out
64 divorces Rojo, even though they will live together for three more years. Eventually he will marry “Miss Peru of 1961,” Carmela Stein Bedoya.

? together with fellow actress Karin Dor, she’s the best girlfriend of actress Renate Ewert. After Renate argues with a lover, producer-director Franz Marischka, she comforts Renate.
? she and Rojo frequently double date with Franz Marischka and Renate Ewert in Munich
? Ewert stops answering her or Karin Dor’s calls
March 64 is on stage in La robe mauve de Valentine at the Zimmertheater, Hamburg, Germany
c. 66 her sister is private secretary to German actor Curd Jurgens
December 66 after the suicide death of Renate Ewert, Renate’s father hopes to get from Erika some information about the events leading Renate’s death, but he cannot reach her
c. 67 starts a partnership with Munich dramatic advisor and TV writer Karl-Heinz Willschrei. He’s about 7 years her junior.
73 she and Willschrei reside in Munich
75 returns to the TV screen for the French miniseries “Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes”
c. 75 opens a small fashion boutique in Munich
refuses the leading role in an international TV production scheduled for a half-year of filming in Brazil
Mid-77 Willschrei walks out on her. He will die at age 64 in May 2003 in Altea, Spain.
77 makes a living by translating books from English and French to German
81 resides in the fashionable Lehel district of Munich and often visits her mother, who lives in Innsbruck
85 Sidney Hayers, who’s in London to direct the TV series “Philip Marlowe - Private Eye,” gives her a call
? marries Hayers, the ex of British film editor Patricia “Paddy” Arnold. He has two children from that marriage.
88 returns to acting for the German miniseries “Blaues Blut,” starring Ursula Karven, filmed in Munich and Paris. The director is Sidney Hayers.
93 she and Hayers reside in Los Angeles
98 she and Hayers reside in Spain
8 February 00 becomes the widow of Sidney Hayers, who dies at age 80 in Altea, Spain, of cancer
10 November 17 dies at age 85 in Benidorm, Spain
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