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(Myrna Jean Rollins)
c. 37 is born in Rangoon, Burma, the daughter of an English father and a Burmese mother
August 49 arrives in London from Rangoon at age 12 with her parents, brother and sister
54 starts in the industry under the name of Jean Rollins
60 marries Swiss-born actor Albert Louis Baden in Italy
January 66 is one of London’s top photographic models
February 66 the US press reveals: “in her actress life, she is the talented Jeanne Roland. And in her successful high fashion modeling life, she is the equally talented Jean Rollings.”
9 December 66 gets an annulment of her marriage to Baden in London on grounds that the marriage was never consummated. Jeanne alleges Baden willfully refused to consummate their marriage. Baden doesn’t contest the allegations and is ordered to pay costs.
67 marries film producer Jay Barry Kulick in Westminster, London. Kulick is about 25; she, about 30.
70 her son, Andrew, is born in London
72 her daughter, Bethea, is born in London
15 as Myrna Jean Kulick she resides in Miami Beach, Florida
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