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(Kathleen Kroeger Kersh)
15 December 42 is born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother’s maiden name is Hight.
? recovers from polio
31 May 59 the Independent Star-News reports that "national Boysenberry Queen Kathy Kersh worked yesterday with top cover photog Don Ornitz at Fifty..."
14 June 59 reigns as “Miss Boysenberry” in a local fruit-picking contest. Is a part-time model. Her father runs a supermarket, her mother’s a housewife.
? is signed by Adrian Teen Models
December 59 lives in Montebello, California, and is heralded as the love interest of singer-actor Fabian when posing for a magazine layout together.
? kisses Fabian on one of the most famous posters of the time
12 December 59 is crowned the Junior Rose Bowl Queen
January 60 is crowned Queen of the SCMA Boat Show
March/April 60 is featured in Popular Screen
June 60 graduates from Montebello High School
? demonstrates a Kodak camera on the Ed Sullivan Show
5 August 60 is crowned Miss Los Angeles County
September 60 is crowned Miss Interior Design of the 11th Annual Decorators Show
? appears in a commercial for Dial Soap
5 December 60 appears in the Trojan Club Fashion Show
62 is “Miss Rheingold”
? Elvis Presley has a date with her the same night as he is seeing fourteen year old Sandy Ferra, daughter of a night club owner. Ferra’s mother tells Elvis that she "didn't care if he was King Farouk", and that her daughter was not going to his party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
64 is the “Rheingold Beer Girl" of the year. Hedda Hopper describes her as “the most beautiful girl to come to Hollywood since Elizabeth Taylor.”
64 marries actor Vince Edwards
July 65 is squired by Vince Edwards
October 65 divorces Edwards. He will marry Linda Foster at the home of the Dean Martins.
December 65 her daughter, Devera, is born. She will become an actress/model and singer.
October 66 meets Burt Ward when guest starring at TV’s?“Batman” episodes “The Impractical Joker” and “The Joker’s Provokers.” after work Ward asks her for a date. Afterwards she invites him to her house and they end making love.
? after some skiing experiences together Ward proposes to her
25 February 67 marries Burt Ward at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas where she’s singing in a lounge act. soon Ward notes a number of producer types making a play for her.
67 signs with Power Records. She releases two singles: Hurt So Bad and St. James Infirmary.
? her husband thinks she’s denying his infant daughter, Linda, the love and understanding she needs
69 Ward learns that she’s cheating on him while on location for a national TV commercial. She and the producer are openly flaunting their adulterous relationship.
69 Ward asks her to save their marriage but she isn’t interested anymore and goes for an opportunity to make it big in show business. demands alimony of $400 per month despite she had announced to disclaim but his attorney turns her down
January 70 divorces Ward in Los Angeles, California
? receives her degree in business
? starts a very successful career in commercial real estate
20 resides in Sherman Oaks, California, where she cares for her mother
? is good friends with actress Chris Noel
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