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(Sandra G Werner)
12 May 34 is born in Pennsylvania to Morris Abraham Werner and Edna May Diehl. Her twin sister is Sonia Werner.
40 She and her twin sister, Sonia, perform a singing act
14 October 56 Daily News reports that "Sonia Warner hauls in her breath as twin sister Sandra struggles with zipper of tight, form-fitting costume in their San Francisco dressing room."
4 January 60 she describes her experiences while filming Some Like it Hot (1959) in an interview with James Bacon, saying "First Marilyn Monroe stopped talking to me, then her makeup man who had been a friend of mine stopped talking to me. I asked him 'why' one day on the set. He said 'Marilyn doesn't want me to talk to you.'"
23 November 62 says that she is dismayed that her role on The Dick Van Dyke Show doesn't give her more opportunities to demonstrate her acting ability
15 July 64 in an interview with The Kingsport Times, Sandra talks about the awful experience of having to dye her burnette hair to blonde for a film role. She says "The bleaching process put me in the hospital for toxic hepatitis, and I lost the role besides. They couldn't wait until I got well. I also lost 15lbs." Tina Louise too the role instead.
? marries Charles R Gerstel
October 66 divorces Gerstel
19 January 69 marries Edward Gendel
May 73 her daughter, Jennifer Anne is born
March 75 divorces Gendel
01 appears in the documentary Memories from the Sweet Sue's (2001)
? her sister, actress Sonia Werner dies
20 as Sandra Werner Gendel, she resides in Beverly Hills, California
13 March 22 dies
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