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(Vernon Elisabeth Danson)
13 September 26 is born in Jacksonville, Florida to Harry Danson and Augusta "Marie" Register
? studies dance
1940's becomes a Copa (Copacabana) Girl
23 March 48 columnist Earl Wilson writes that "showgal Linda Danson at the Harem is much better looking than Kay Thompson or the Williams Bros."
August 49 is crowned Miss Blackberry Julep
49 is crowned Miss Manhattan Tower
performs overseas for the USO
6 January 50 the Warren Times Mirror writes that "Comedian Jimmy Durante seems somewhat startled at the result as dancer Linda Danson carves his likeness, in New York. Perhaps Jimmy’s doubtful about that big nose that Linda is working on so faithfully."
22 April 50 is featured in TV Guide
June 50 is crowned Queen of the Redwood City Rodeo
is crowned Queen of the American Shuffleboard League
? is a dancer on The Ken Murray Show and The Dude Martin Show
September 52 is crowned Miss Spirit of the New Frontier
? stars in an 8mm film titled The Sun Bather
is set to star in Tomahawk Gulch (1953)
April 53 is confirmed as a dancer in The Hollywood Reporter for So This is Paris (1955)
23 January 54 demonstrates home-improvement products at Tulsa's How-to-Do-It-Yourself show
54 dates actor Jon Hall
March 55 is featured in TV World
is featured in Screen Stars
December 55 is featured in TV World where she is reportedly engaged to actor Jon Hall
5 December 58 the Brazil Daily Times writes that "Linda Danson and Max Marx will fly to Las Vegas for Harry Richman's opening at the Desert Inn in “New Faces of 1958.”"
March 59 models mink coats for Mannis
28 May 59 is reportedly signed for a starring role in The Gallant Hours (1960), but her role is written out of the script after she suffers an injury and spends weeks at Hollywood Prespyterian Hospital
3 June 59 Harrison Carroll writes that "Linda Danson is entering a hospital. Just a checkup, she says."
31 December 59 is recuperating at Orchard Gables Rest Home from a slipped disc
14 May 60 columnist Louella Parsons reports that "Linda Danson, for so long Jon Hall's heartbeat, and who has been ill for a long time, dined with Peter Monahan at Don, the Beachcomber's"
August 60 checks back into a hospital after a recurrence of her back injury
11 February 61 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that "Linda Danson is at the hospital for more tests."
20 February 62 is a twosome with Frank Thomas at the Hollywood Roosevelt according to columnist Harrison Carroll
28 March 62 is dining with Jacques Foti
24 May 62 the Los Angeles Evening-Citizen News reports that "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hull entertained at dinner in the Garden Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for Rudy Martin and Linda Danson."
29 July 64 dates Bert Mittelman
3 August 64 is a twosome with Herman Hover
6 January 66 the Daily News writes that "Harry Richman's friends say he's toying with the idea of another marriage, this time to former showgirl Linda Danson."
8 August 66 Dorothy Manners reports that she's dining with Harry Richman, Claire Windsor, and Willis Lane
19 July 67 Shirley Paul says "Welcoming Linda Danson back to filmtown from a visit with friends in Nevada, was Harry Richman who gave her a dinner party in the Garden Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel."
14 March 75 dies in Los Angeles, California
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