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Linda Danson
Linda Danson
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(Elizabeth V Danson)
13 September 26 is born in Jacksonville, Florida
1940's becomes a Copa (Copacabana) Girl
6 January 50 the Warren Times Mirror writes that "Comedian Jimmy Durante seems somewhat startled at the result as dancer Linda Danson carves his likeness, in New York. Perhaps Jimmy’s doubtful about that big nose that Linda is working on so faithfully."
22 April 50 is featured in TV Guide
? stars in an 8mm film titled The Sun Bather
54 dates actor Jon Hall
March 55 is featured in TV World
is featured in Screen Stars
5 December 58 the Brazil Daily Times writes that "Linda Danson and Max Marx will fly to Las Vegas for Harry Richman's opening at the Desert Inn in “New Faces of 1958.”"
March 59 models mink coats for Mannis
60 dates Peter Monahan
6 January 66 the Daily News writes that "Harry Richman's friends say he's toying with the idea of another marriage, this time to former showgirl Linda Danson."
14 March 75 dies in Los Angeles, California
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