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29 May 39 is born in London, United Kingdom
? attends the University of British Columbia
November 55 competes for the title of "Homecoming Queen" at the University of British Columbia
16 January 56 stars in a stage production of George Bernard Shaw's Back to Methuselah at the University of British Columbia
28 January 56 The Province names her the "Calendar Girl" for February
December 56 wins the Ad Sales Club's "Million Dollar Baby" contest
19 March 57 The Vancouver Sun reports that "she Danica D'Hondt will spend easter weekend in Paris with her aunt, Countess De Schoene
3 August 57 The Vancouver Sun reports that she will be having a "leading role in a new comedy in Guilford, England."
March 58 stars in a stage production of Theater Under the Stars at the Georgia Auditorium
July 58 is chosen to represent British Columbia in the Miss Canada pageant
16 August 58 is crowned Miss Canada in Hamilton, Ontario in a field of 25 contestants. She receives $1,000 scholarship and will compete in the Miss America pageant.
6 September 58 reads a monologue from "The White Cliffs" in the talent competition of the Miss America Pageant. She will not win the pageant.
18 October 58 Marie Moreau writes that "Even a Miss Canada Danica D'Hondt has to diet to keep her figure."
21 October 58 appears in Eaton's Television Department
? attends the Walter Thornton School of Modeling
28 January 61 says regarding her role in Living Venus (1961) that "In ten days as a star, I vetoed a proposal to act in the nude, almost died in my suicide scene and ended up $280 in the red on a $350-a-week salary."
marries Paul Robertson Ellsworth in New York
June 61 is featured in CBC Times
12 February 62 her daughter, Mireille C, is born
64 turns down the role of Ginger in Gilligan's Island (1964). The role will go to Tina Louise.
August 64 is set to star in a stage production of William Shakespeare's Othello, but falls ill before the premiere. She is replaced by Adrienne Ellis.
17 September 67 her daughter, Corinne V, is born
30 April 69 her son, Ivan M, is born
June 70 divorces Ellsworth
27 November 71 marries Nello J Olivo
January 73 is the director of Who's Happy Now? at the PACT Theater in North Hollywood
February 73 is the director of Emperor Henry IV at the PACT Theater in North Hollywood
5 January 76 her daughter, America Athene, is born. She will become actress America Olivo.
15 July 85 her son, Austin Jonathan, is born
96 writes and publishes Make Fashion Magic
21 July 04 Michelle Flood writes "Danica D'Hondt of Cameron Park will be exploring the mysteries behind Dan Brown's runaway bestseller The Da Vinci Code at an upcoming dinner."
October 23 is featured in Classic Images
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Down and Dirty: Hollywood's Exploitation Filmmakers and Their Movies by Mike Quarles
Make Fashion Magic by Shell Kepler and Danica D'Hondt
Nothing Bad Happens, Ever by Joan Fountain, Stan Zenk, and Danica D'Handt