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Sandra  Jo Drummond
Sandra Jo Drummond
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3 June 38 is born in Los Angeles, California to Jack Morris Drummond and Dorothy A Stickney. Her older sister is Jacqueline Fay Drummond.
57 is crowned "Miss San Fernando Valley"
is a showgirl at The Tropicana in Las Vegas
3 June 57 with actor Roy Rogers, she presents a trophy to Wendy Rickmen of North Hollywood for winning two races in the Sports Car carnival at Devonshire Downs in Northridge
? introduced by Dennis' wife, Pat Sheehan, to Dennis' brother Phillip Lang Crosby. She and Pat are in the same show.
25 September 58 marries Phillip Crosby, a son of Bing Crosby, in Los Angeles, California
6 May 59 her daughter, Dixie Lee, is born in Los Angeles
July 59 she and Pat Sheehan, bride of Dennis Crosby, attend the Chicago opening of husband Phillip and his brothers at the Chez Paree
1 July 60 her son, Brian Patrick, is born in Los Angeles
December 62 separates from Crosby
July 63 divorces Crosby, saying that he "would stay away from home for three or four days and nights. "I never knew where to reach him, and when he finally did come home, he refused to tell me where he'd been." She will receive was awarded $1,000 a month alimony for five years. She was also given custody of their two children, $500 a month for their support, and a home in West Los Angeles.
14 August 77 marries Andy Kim, a singer from Canada who occasionally used the name Baron Longfellow
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