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Barbara Fredrickson
Barbara Fredrickson
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(Barbara Diane Fredrickson)
September 37 is born
? performs at the Pasadena Playhouse
59 is a dancer at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas
6 February 60 marries Lindsay Crosby, the son of crooner Bing Crosby in Los Angeles, California
September 60 her son, David, is born in Los Angeles, California
24 January 61 James Bacon reports that "Universal-International is interested in Barbara for a possible contract."
61 as Barbara Frederick, stars in her first film, Lover Come Back
9 November 62 divorces Crosby in Los Angeles, California
10 January 64 the Hollywood Press Syndicate reports that "Rumor has been linking the names of Rock Hudson and Barbara Frederick with a romantic twist. But we are assured that they are just good friends."
16 May 64 marries Gerald R Bott in Los Angeles
April 75 divorces Bott in Los Angeles
? marries Herb Blitzstein
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