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(Suzanne Louise Plotner)
1 February 33 is born in Los Angeles, California
53 is signed for Son of Sinbad (1955)
August 53 is one of six models chose in a contest by NBC to appear in various television series for the network. They are known as the T-Venuses.
24 August 53 columnist Sidney Skolsky writes that Suzanne Ames "resembles Jane Russell."
16 October 53 is featured in TV Guide
54 is a regular model on Queen For a Day
May 54 is a semifinalist in the Miss Rheingold pageant
9 April 56 as one of the Goldwyn Girls, she tours Melbourne, Australia to promote Guys and Dolls (1955) with Suzanne Alexander, Jann Darlyn, Madelyn Darrow, and June Kirby.
June 59 is featured in Man's Point of View
? marries William Fredrick
? her daughter Shawn is born
? her son William Charles is born
25 February 13 dies
23 is often confused with the dancer Suzanne Ames, who's real name is Suzanne Airbender.
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