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(Diana Mary Fluck)
23 October 31 is born in Swindon, England, to Bert Fluck, a railway worker, and Mary Fluck, a housewife. Her real father may be Swindon man Gerry Lack, a close friend of her parents.
13 December 31 she's christened
42 her drunken great-uncle Arthur tries to make a pass at her
? at school she befriends 17-year-old Desmond Morris, future writer and anthropologist
? attends LAMDA, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
47 arrives at The Company of Youth, Rank's charm school, housed at Highbury Studios in Islington
befriends married actor Guy Rolfe
48 while filming Oliver Twist, director David Lean tries to give her very private rehearsals
loses her virginity at age 16 to Gil
Anthony Newley, her co-star in A Boy, a Girl and a Bike, falls head over heals for her and looses his virginity to Diana
31 December 48 falls for 17-year-old Chelsea kid "Kim" Michael Caborn-Waterfield, who will end up in jail
51 while filming Lady Godiva Rides Again she meets Dr Stephen Ward, who will later gain notoriety in the Christine Keeler-John Profumo scandal
3 July 51 marries Dennis Hamilton, age 26, at Caxton Hall, England
November 52 Hamilton announces she is to become a limited company
53 is arrested in Blackpool
53 spends a pleasant afternoon with comedian Bob Monkhouse at an apartment off Oxford Street, claiming her husband Dennis is in New York City
August 54 Diana and Dennis move to their new huge Thameside house in Bray
55 attends the Royal Command Film Performance and is introduced to the Queen
an Arabian sheik offers Dennis Hamilton 23 camels in exchange for her
attends a dinner party given by the Aga Khan at the Cannes Festival. Susan Hayward, Richard Todd, and Ginger Rogers also attend.
3 September 55 arrives in her powder-blue Cadillac at the Venice Film Festival
17 October 55 is slightly injured in a car crash
15 December 55 passes her driving test in Slough
56 moves to Woodhurst, a huge sprawling mansion at Thameside Maidenhead
Spring 56 as Yield to the Night is chosen as the UK's only entry to the Cannes Film Festival, she is off to the Riviera
she refuses the leading role opposite Bob Hope in the upcoming Beau James because she would have had to dye her hair black. The role goes to Vera Miles.
20 June 56 boards the Queen Elizabeth for her first American assignment, an RKO picture opposite comedian George Gobel, I Married a Woman
in New York she and Dennis check into the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. RKO sends an air-conditioned Cadillac. They lunch at the exclusive 21 Club.
a few days later they fly to Hollywood and stay for three days at the Beverly Hills Hotel, until an apartment can be found. RKO arranges a cocktail party at which she is to debut in front of feared columnists Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons.
the Hamiltons move into a Spanish-style villa off Sunset Boulevard, formerly owned by Marlene Dietrich
causes a riot in the press when it becomes known that she has flown in British hairstylist Raymond "Teasy-Weasy" Bessone to bestow on her the most expensive hairdoo of his career, for 2,500 pounds
the Hamiltons try to buy Lana Turner's house but can't afford it. Finally, they settle in the Coldwater Canyon area of Beverly Hills.
19 August 56 Lana Turner, Liberace, Greer Garson, George Sanders, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Doris Day, Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Adolphe Menjou, and George Goble attend their housewarming party. At 8:00 p.m. there's a commotion, and the Hamiltons, agent Louis Shurr, and dress designer Howard Shoup fall backwards into the pool. Afterwards, with Dennis looking for a culprit, a fight emerges, and a United Press photographer has to be carried away unconscious. The press covers the incident with bad remarks about the behavior of Mr. Dors. Lawyers at RKO look hard at Diana's contract for a reason to fire her.
both married, she and Rod Steiger fall for each other during the filming of The Lady and the Prowler/The Unholy Wife. Louella Parsons questions her and Dennis on the issue.
October 56 the Hamiltons come to the attention of the Internal Revenue Service for evading federal taxes
Confidential reporters break into her Hollywood home to look for incriminating evidence
after a few months, Dennis starts his own affair back in England with Jennifer Bessone, the wife of Diana's hairdresser, Raymond
Steiger breaks off the affair by phone, calling from New York, where his estranged wife Gracie appears on Broadway. Three years later he will marry British actress Claire Bloom. Diana is heartbroken.
2 November 56 after learning about Jennifer, she announces her separation from Dennis, who gives a press conference claiming he manages twenty-year-old actress Shirley Ann Field
12 November 56 is back in England and makes her home at the Dorchester Hotel, London, for one day. After that, she moves in with Dennis at Maidenhead. There are rumors of reconciliation.
February 57 spends a two-week break from The Long Haul in Malaga with her husband Dennis and her old friend actress Sandra Dorne and her husband, Patrick Holt
starts a relationship with co-star Victor Mature's stuntman, Tommy Yeardye, while filming The Long Haul. Dennis finds out by taping his wife.
11 May 57 her nightclub, El Dors, is due to open. In the last minute it is renamed The Film Extra.
May 57 is off to Majorca with Tommy Yeardye
June 57 is off to Rome for The Girl Who Rode in the Palio
20 July 57 Rock Hudson feigns interest in her during shooting in Rome
October 57 will marry actor Tommy Yeardye after she gets her divorce from Dennis Hamilton
is off to New York for an appearance on Perry Como's TV show. She meets Rod Steiger, who asks her to marry him, but her passion has cooled. When she returns to England, her contract with Rank is cancelled by mutual consent.
29 November 57 with Yeardye driving her blue Cadillac, they are involved in a quarrel with a policeman in Hammersmith, London. Yeardye is shortly arrested.
4 December 57 files for divorce from Hamilton
26 December 57 her Boxing night party is interrupted by the nearby blaze of Dennis' riverboat she sells her London penthouse and buys a fifteenth-century farmhouse between Horsham and Guildford known as "Palmers" for her and Yeardye
58 the divorce degree is granted
July 58 Joe Collins, the father of starlets Jackie and Joan, talks her into a variety tour, The Diana Dors Show. Yeardye suggests a young comedian they met recently at the Stork Club in London, Richard Dawson.
on tour she falls for Dawson. She asks Yeardye to leave and accuses him of having stolen 18,000 pounds.
Late 58 is off to Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa, for cabaret work
3 January 59 she and Dawson are off to New York for "The Steve Allen Show" and, later, to Hollywood
31 January 59 at the Hollywood home of Roger Moore, she receives a message that Hamilton has died from heart complications
4 February 59 attends Hamilton's funeral with Sandra Dorne, Jon Pertwee, Paul Carpenter, and starlet Vera Day, who was romantically linked with Hamilton shortly before his death. Hamilton's business partner Perec Rachman and his then girlfriend, Marilyn "Mandy" Rice-Davis, will later emerge at the center of a sex scandal involving the Secretary of State for War, John Profumo.
12 April 59 marries British comedian Richard "Dickie" Dawson in New York City. She appears on "The Steve Allen Show" that night.
February 60 releases her album Swingin' Doors
4 February 60 gives birth to her son Mark Richard Dawson
Summer 60 performs at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas
has a torrid affair with co-star John Ashley during the filming of the TV series "The Racers," but returns to Dawson shortly afterwards
travels a lot between England and the States
when the new Soho restaurant Bal Tabarin, where she performs, catches fire, she has to climb out of the window, cutting her leg. Three people are killed.
14 February 62 leaves London for Hollywood and makes no bones about the finality of her departure
27 June 62 gives birth to her son Gary at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood. His godparents are Steve Allen, Liberace, Terry-Thomas, and Pamela Mason.
January 63 returns to England for the filming of West 11
becomes involved with a New York playboy called Frankie
63 during a tour of Australia, she begins an affair with a singer named Darryl Stewart. Afterwards, she installs him in the flat of her friend Pamela Mason, off Sunset Boulevard.
17 January 64 files for divorce and claims custody, but returns to Dawson reluctantly shortly afterwards. She begins to hate living in Hollywood. She and her husband drift apart.
rents a house in Elyston Place, Chelsea, and falls for singer-musician Troy Dante
Early 65 gets the title role in the upcoming Avengers-like TV series "The Unusual Miss Mulberry," which is never aired
has wild parties at her newly rented house in Sunninghill, Berkshire, known as The Pavilion
66/67 divorces Dawson
Summer 67 is sued by the Inland Revenue for the sum of 40,208 pounds
buys her own property, an estate in Sunningdale, Berkshire, called Orchard Manor
May 68 a bankruptcy receiving order is taken out on her
10 October 68 meets her future husband, actor Alan Lake, during rehearsals for a TV pilot in London
29 October 68 she and Lake make their engagement official with an amethyst and silver ring. Lionel Jeffries and Sandra Dorne attend.
23 November 68 marries Lake at Caxton Hall, where she had married Hamilton some years before
11 September 69 gives birth to her son Jason in London
January 70 has a smash theatre hit with Three Months Gone
70/71 Lake serves twelve months in prison for his part in a pub brawl
Spring 73 she and her husband convert to the Roman Catholic Church
November 73 meningococcal meningitis is diagnosed, and she is closer to death than life
3 December 73 she is discharged from the hospital
becomes pregnant again, at age forty-two
28 August 74 gives birth to a dead son. Lake is beside her.
76 prepares her biography with director-writer Wolf Rilla, but doesn't like the outcome and decides to write her own version
78 publishes For Adults Only
Lake's drinking hits a crisis point
79 publishes Behind Closed Dors
24 August 79 the Lakes attend the funeral of British porn star Mary Millington, who committed suicide
81 publishes Dors By Diana
24 June 82 after a hotel opening, she collapses. Rushed to the hospital, she is operated on, and the doctors discover cancerous tissue.
84 publishes Diana Dors' A-Z of Men
28 April 84 collapses on the set of Steaming
4 May 84 dies from cancer in Windsor
at her funeral she is laid out wearing a gold lame evening dress with cape and a gold "dors" necklace, which she was wearing when she died
10 October 84 Lake commits suicide with a shotgun, sixteen years to the day he met her. He is buried next to her.
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