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Kay Brown
Kay Brown
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(Dolores Kay Brown)
July 33 is born
? is a gymnast
50 signs with Mercury Records
is a regular on Dixie Showboat, a local Los Angeles TV show
is signed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to star in The Strip (1951)
51 marries musician Maynard Ferguson
15 July 52 joins the Stan Kenton Orchestra
5 January 53 quits the Stan Kenton Orchestra
11 February 53 says of her quitting of Kenton's band, "I was not advancing her career by singing with the band."
54 divorces Ferguson
January 56 is featured in Escapade
56 says about bandleader Stan Kenton, "Stan was a real great guy to work for. We always called him the Great White Father. He's a sincere, hard-working perfectionist, and I learned a lot from him."
56 signs with Decca Records
December 56 goes to Japan to perform with Johnny Grant's group band
57 signs with Metro Records
14 May 58 appears in a new show in the Cafe Pompeii of the Eden Roc Hotel
15 March 61 marries Robert Charles Steed
? divorces Steed
4 December 63 marries John R Hudgens
? divorces Hudgens
10 March 72 marries Brent Lyon Wood in Las Vegas, Nevada
? sings at her church, Trinity Temple, in Las Vegas
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