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Marlies Draeger
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22 Juli 47 is born in Heiligenstadt, Thuringia, Germany. Her mother owns a fashion parlor.
? works as a bookkeeper
? works as a model
poses topless for Privat 9
? attends acting classes in Goettingen
c. 66 is discovered by director Georg Tressler for his TV series “Wenn die Musik nicht waer”
July 66 meets young actor Michael Maien at the Studio Hamburg, where both are filming. He’s two years her senior. They start a four-month affair.
November 66 leaves Maien and moves in with Juergen Roloff , a lumber salesman from her hometown, Goettingen. He’s eight years her senior.
67-69 is on TV in “Die verlorenen Schuhe,” “Johannes durch den Wald,” “Alle lieben Theobald,” and “13 Briefe”
70 films the TV movie “Fouche”
is still with Roloff
May 70 is on the cover of Hoer Zu
Funk Uhr, Hoer Zu
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