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Sylvia Lewis
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(Sylvia I. Lewis)
22 April 31 is born in York, Pennsylvania
? studies dance at the Peabody Conservatory of Music
? graduates from David Starr Jordan High School
9 September 50 promotes the "Movies Are Better Than Ever" campaign with Alex Bennett, Faye McIntyre, Penny Oliver, Suzanne Sutton, and Cozette Standley
51 is a dancer at Larry Potter's Supper Club
22 June 53 columnist Florabel Muir reports that "sitting a few tables away was Donald O'Connor with his new gal friend, Sylvia Lewis, a dancer."
? meets dancer Larri Thomas during rehearsals for the Colgate Comedy Hour. They will become lifelong friends.
22 October 55 marries Samuel J. Rich in Santa Barbara, California
21 November 56 her daughter, Catherine is born
12 July 57 choreographs A Part of the Blues, which opens at the State Society Theater
22 March 58 Sheilah Graham reports that "Sylvia Lewis, pupil of Edith Jane at the Falcon Studios, recently was awarded a part in the Hildegarde show in New York City... the new production is titled Packaged in Paris"
19 August 63 stars as Anita in the stage production of West Side Story at the Sacramento Music Theater
6 November 66 marries Edward Simmons in Los Angeles, California
? marries Philip Gunning
March 08 attends The Professional Dancers Society honoring Mary Tyler Moore at its Awards Luncheon
21 attends the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors for Dick Van Dyke
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