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(Marylin Jean Symons)
September 28 is born in Chicago, Illinois to William and Verena Symons
? attends Beverly Hills High School
47 is cast in Brother Rat at the Geller Theater
? is signed by the Mary Webb Davis Modeling Agency
53 models wardrobe on the television series Glamour Girl hosted by Harry Babbitt with models Jean Moorhead and Shirley Buchanan
August 53 performs in Tin Pan Alec at the Geller Theater Workshop
is discovered onstage by Milt Lewis, and given a screen test by Paramount Pictures
December 54 adopts 10 year-old Monique Lardot through the Foster Parents Plan for War Children program
55 attends a bullfighting event in Tijuana, Mexico, which will become a hobby of hers
56 is the "color girl" or "color test pattern" for NBC's Matinee Theater, where her image is used to test the cameras. She says of her role, "I'm a redhead without red pigment in my skin. It seems this is important to testing color or skin tones can go out looking purple."
27 August 56 columnist James Bacon labels her as "the prettiest girl not seen on TV."
columnist Charles Denton reports that her favorite color is black, and that it's "the one hue she can't wear to work."
30 August 57 says in an interview with Bob Foster that "several of the producers on Matinee Theater were trying to find her a part in one of the upcoming dramas."
1 September 57 columnist Bonnie Churchill writes ""Marilyn Simms Keeps her makeup from running by setting it first with powder. Seconds later she removes the chalky look by putting a drop of cologne on a camp sponge and patting it on her face."
8 Jun 58 appears at "A Treasure Chest of California Fall Fashions" fashion show in Los Angeles with Mary Morlas, Norma French, Barbara Rhodes, Marilyn Eveland, Kathy Withrow, Eileen Dubin, Betty Gardner, Holly Mitchell, and Pat Olsen.
? occasionally acts as Marilyn Sims
18 April 60 marries Jerry N Devine
February 61 models equipment for Del Manufacturing
19 June 62 her daughter Brigid E is born
June 23 dies
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