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(Elaine June Zazueta)
13 July 33 is born in Los Angeles, California
? studies drama with Dr. Theodore Kolline
49 is a contestant in the Daily News-Fox West Coast Talent Quest competition, where the press describes her as "a 16 year-old soprano"
17 September 50 sings for the Kolline Anniversary Show at the Wilshire Ebell Theater
June 51 graduates from Montebello High School
25 October 51 is a finalist in the "Miss My L.A" pageant
2 January 53 is the official hostess for the 27th annual Los Angeles Open Golf Tournament
53 is briefly signed by RKO Pictures, where she will appear in Son of Sinbad (1955). She will later say of her experience, "Howard Hughes wanted to date me. I refused and he wanted me fired. I am so thankfully that my Dale Robertson stood up for me so I was able to stay on set."
7 April 56 marries actor Ray Bernard "Crash" Corrigan in Pasadena with actor Rory Calhoun as the best man
10 April 56 the newlyweds honeymoon in New Orleans
8 March 58 stars in the premiere of the Spade Cooley Show
14 July 58 is crowned "Miss La Parisienne"
7 August 58 is crowned "Queen of the Gold Rush Dollar Days"
25 July 60 is a hostess for "La Danza Estival"
4 August 60 provides entertainment at the 7th National Burro Derby
July 61 their daughter, Colleen Suzanne, is born
July 62 is crowned "Princess of Hollywood"
21 November 67 divorces Corrigan. She will receive $500 per month in child support.
11 November 72 entertains at the Charity Player's 22nd annual Charity Ball
4 February 74 founds Dupont Development Co.
November 00 is interviewed by Tom Weaver in Fangoria
08 marries Peter Bernard
? she and her husband are active at the Church of the Good Shepherd
19 June 15 is featured in Beverly Hills Courier
founds DuPont Interiors
16 is an avid Republican, saying of her support for Donald Trump "I want to help Make America Great Again for my children and Grandchildren!"
22 lives in Beverly Hills, California
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