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(Joanne Letitia LaCock)
31 January 22 is born in Logan, West Virginia, to Ralph and Jean LaCock, nee Macaro. Her father's a druggist.
? is raised in Wheeling, West Virginia
30 March 30 her brother, Pierre, is born in Huntington, West Virginia. He will become TV personality Peter Marshall of "Hollywood Squares" fame.
30 the LaCocks reside in Clarksburg, West Virginia
? she and her brother grow up in New York City
? becomes a John Powers / Harry Conover model. Her agent renames her Joanne Marshall.
? six years of studying dancing win her a part in a Broadway musical
c. 40 is a Broadway showgirl under the name of Joanne Marshall
November 40 is in an Al Jolson show on Broadway. Columnist Walter Winchell notes that she "has transferred to Harold Russek, the furrier's son..."
? meets Argentine singer Dick Haymes at the Paramount Theater, where she is dancing and he is singing with Harry James and His Orchestra
July 41 Winchell expects her to marry Dick Haymes, "vocalist for the Harry James crew," in January
August 41 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows that Joanne's romance with Haymes "is interrupted by long distance calls from a famous cinema belle - who's supposed to be engaged to somebody else..."
21 September 41 marries singer-actor Dick Haymes in New York. He's 25; she's 19. It's his second marriage and her first.
December 41 is reported at LeRoy Sanitarium
24 July 42 her son, Richard Ralph, a.k.a. Dick Haymes, Jr., "Skipper," is born. He will become a singer.
44 when called for military service in New York City, her husband seeks deferment on the grounds that she's pregnant and ill. Deferment is denied. Haymes then applies for military exemption as a neutral alien, by which action he waives the right of ever becoming a U.S. citizen.
? moves with Haymes to Beverly Hills
13 May 44 her daughter Helen Joanna is born in Los Angeles
November 45 Kilgallen writes: "The Dick Haymes, who called off their split-up, are about to announce they were right the first time."
46 is discovered by director Howard Hawks and launches a film career of her own with Abie's Irish Rose. Hawks renames her Joanne Dru.
August 46 tells columnist Erskine Johnson: "I think I was frustrated until I went to work. Dick and I are getting along better, now that we have a mutual interest, than we ever did before. We were separated only for a couple of minutes," she coos. "Dick promised me before our marriage that I could continue with my career. But we had a baby 10 months after we were married. Then we had another one. This is the first chance I've had to do anything about it."
February 47 is reported very ill and expecting a baby
19 September 47 her daughter Barbara Nugent is born in Santa Monica, California
November 47 will resume her career, "but only if she finds something she really wants to do."
August 48 she and Mrs. Mark Stevens accompany their friend, Barbara Ford, daughter of director John Ford, to Catalina Island. Barbara is in divorce proceedings from actor Robert Walker after five weeks of marriage.
c. 48 during the filming of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, director John Ford drives her to tears by making her scream her lungs out on an empty stage in order to lower her voice an octave to give it a throaty, sensuous quality
November 48 her husband flies his own plane to Monument Valley, where she's filming She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Late December 48 in Hollywood, she and Haymes announce they have separated and will go their separate ways for at least six months. Haymes says he and his wife had been kept apart for a long time, solely because of their professional commitments.
January 49 files for divorce from Haymes in Los Angeles Superior Court. He's 32; she's 26. She asks for custody of their three children, $25,000 a month support and $25,000 attorneys' fees. She denies she will marry John Ireland, with whom she's seen frequently.
Early April 49 dates actor John Ireland. Ireland, whose divorce is due, has two children, Peter and John, from his marriage to Elaine Sheldon Rosen. "He was a former beau of Shelley Winters before Errol Flynn took over."
April 49 Kilgallen reports Ireland begging for a release from his five-year Columbia Pictures contract. "He says he needs bigger money now that he's going to marry Mrs. Dick Haymes..."
Mid-April 49 Winchell writes that "the John Ireland-Joanne Dru idyll has melted. Shelley Winters is helping him mark time until his divorce arrives..."
April 49 a few hours before Dick Haymes moves from their ranch in San Fernando Valley, he gifts her with a brand-new Cadillac
May 49 Motion Picture reports that she and Haymes where on the verge of splitting up months before the final break came. The clincher was Dick’s torrid romance with Nora Eddington Flynn, the ex of Errol Flynn. "Joanne’s now getting plenty of consolidation from actor John Ireland."
Mid-May 49 columnist Sheila Graham asks John Ireland if he's going to marry Joanne: "I'd like to marry her 24 minutes after she gets her Nevada divorce."
20 May 49 her attorney, Jerry Giesler, announces that she will seek a Reno divorce. She is to get a percentage of Haymes' gross income as alimony, and Haymes has agreed to pay $800 a month for support of their children. Haymes plans to marry Nora Eddington Flynn after she divorces Errol.
Late May 49 is seen with Ireland at the Saddle and Sirloin. Then they are "off together to Lake Tahoe. John will sit it out with Joanne for the six weeks of her divorce residence. They will marry in September."
28 June 49 her divorce from Haymes is granted in Reno on grounds of extreme mental cruelty. Custody and support of their children is arranged in a private settlement. She will receive $350,000 in alimony over a period of seven years.
July 49 she and Ireland plan to marry in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in a couple of weeks when he finishes Cargo to Capetown
17 July 49 she and Ireland are noticeably absent at the Dick Haymes-Nora Eddington nuptials
July 49 is reported redecorating the big house in the Valley that she shared with Haymes. "That is where she and John Ireland will live after they marry."
8 August 49 at night, she marries Ireland in the garden of La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, California. He's 35; she's 27. Superior Judge Joe L. Shell of San Diego performs the informal, single ring ceremony. Gregory Peck is best man and Barbara Ford is maid of honor.
September 49 she and Ireland are reported selling the big house she inherited from Haymes. "The six servants required for its upkeep are four too many."
May 50 is seen at Ciro’s with husband John Ireland
the Irelands attend a party given at Ciro’s for Dorothea Lee McEvoy, Screen Guide’s editorial director
October 50 is scheduled opposite Gary Cooper for The Flying Teakettle
21 May 51 files court attachments in Los Angeles against recording and film earnings of her former husband, suing Haymes for $33,820 she claims is due to her under their 1949 divorce settlement. She contends Haymes agreed to pay her federal and state income taxes for 1946, 1947, 1948 and part of 1949.
5 June 51 her lawyers ask for a court citation for contempt against Haymes because he fails to appear at the deposition hearing in Los Angeles
February 52 defends stars like Joan Fontaine, who escape taxes overseas. The new tax law allows a person to skip the income tax for 18 months if you live outside the country during that period. "It's a great idea," she beams. "My husband, John Ireland, has been offered five or six movies overseas, and we'll go if I can get some work, too." Joanne got stuck with $35,000 of Haymes' back taxes that he couldn't pay, so she can bank only 12 percent of her paycheck. "Uncle Sam picks up the rest."
May 52 she and Ireland are scheduled to open a summer stock tour in Chicago on June 30
is reported "still paying off the income tax that she and her ex-husband, Dick Haymes, let pile up"
July 52 she and Ireland are a big hit in John Loves Mary, opening in Wheeling, Illinois. Columnist Harrison Carroll reports: "It was no secret to their friends that Joanne and John had a tiff before they left on the road. Understand it started at Olive Carey's party. The reason would startle you."
August 52 is considered for Storm Over the Caribbean opposite John Payne. Edward Small is producing.
Carroll reports that there is no truth to the divorce rumors. "Joanne Dru and John Ireland assure me in a telephone call from Boston. They say they have had a wonderful summer and are breaking records on their straw hat circuit tour."
September 52 Ireland will be with her in Morgantown, Louisiana, when she plays in Thunder Bay
October 52 files suit against Haymes in Washoe County, Nevada, alleging he failed to abide by the terms of a divorce agreement entered into on April 28, 1949. The complaint says that the agreement called for Haymes to pay her for her share of federal and state income taxes under the community property law for the first four months of 1952. The taxes, according to her, total $20,122.37.
February 53 tells Carroll that she and Ireland "couldn't be happier, except if we had money - lots of it"
March 53 will be in the upcoming Trigger Man, co-directed by her husband, Ireland
April 53 enrolls her son, Ricky, at a famous school near Los Angeles
will star in Pearl S. Buck's "Lesson in Biology," a first telefilm in a new series of stories by famous authors
May 53 Kilgallen reports that only a few worried friends know about Joanne's illness
July 53 on her way to the Camel Corps location, she stops for one night in Las Vegas. While she's registering at the hotel, her 10-year-old son, Dick, disappears. A cop returns him. "The kid had been playing a quarter slot machine."
August 53 has to raise $33,000 to pay her share of Haymes' debt
October 53 with Gatling Gun winding up, she is off to join Ireland in London, England, where he's filming The Good Die Young. Her mother, Jean Macaro, moves in to care for the children. Carroll reports that Joanne already paid up the half of Haymes' taxes: "She says it cost her $47,000."
26 October 53 is among film stars presented to Queen Elizabeth II at the annual Royal Film Performance of Rob Roy in London. Other US stars in the line are Gary Cooper, Richard Basehart, and Jeanne Crain.
November 53 plans a short trip to Rome for talks with the Ponti-di Laurentiis company. "These producers want her as the feminine star of Attila, Scourge of God, which they film in Italy." But in the end, she and Ireland never get to Rome. "We wanted to," she says, "but we stayed a week in Paris and spent all our money."
January 54 is at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for a day to have a small growth removed from under her left eye
February 54 claims Haymes owes her $33,323. "She has hauled him into court on non-support charges in the midst of his deportation troubles with Uncle Sam. She blames his wooing of Rita Hayworth for not wishing their 11-year-old son a happy birthday and borrowing heavily on his children’s education policy."
29 March 54 she and Zsa Zsa Gabor admit they battled on the set of The Big Top, Joanne calling the Hungarian blonde "a no-talent girl who likes to make a commotion." Before leaving for New York to meet Porfirio Rubirosa, Zsa Zsa hisses to Joanne: "I'll get even with you if it takes forever." Joanne replies: "It probably will, but aren't you rather old to talk about a future?"
27 August 54 a Santa Monica court orders Haymes jailed for failing to appear on a charge that he is in arrears $4,800 in alimony payments to her. Haymes reportedly lives on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.
September 54 advertises for Ayda, a weight loss product
October 54 will play Mary Magdalene in the forthcoming Day of Triumph. A widescreen production in color, the movie is hailed the first full scale story of Christ since King of Kings 27 years ago. It will be Hollywood's first feature in which Jesus will talk, as well as be seen, on the screen.
November 54 she and Ireland advertise for Camel. The ad hails them "man-and-wife partners in sparkling new film hits"
? she and Ireland sue producer Jack Broder over Hannah Lee. They say they gave up their interest in the film for a lump sum payment. The settlement of the suit is disclosed in Hollywood on December 6.
September 55 she and Ireland throw a party at the Captain's Table. Among the guests: Greg Bautzer and Jean Smith, the Robert Newtons, Franchot Tone stag, and the Vincent Prices. Liberace comes with Hollywood newcomer Gina Hunter.
arrives in New York City to rehearse Deadfall. She leaves Los Angeles a week early to avoid reporters.
October 55 she, Ireland, and Don Budge are reported partners in a new tennis club in Phoenix, Arizona
December 55 she and Ireland toss a soiree at the Captain's Table to celebrate the opening of their new Resort Club in Phoenix, Arizona
attends Herman Hover’s cocktail party for Sammy Davis at Ciro’s
January 56 is heralded to star in the new Desilu series "Adventures of a Model," produced by Norman Tokar. Filming will start by mid-March.
Early July 56 she and Ireland are in the headlines because she turned up with a shiner and a bruised nose. Both are hospitalized at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital; she with facial injuries, and Ireland with an unexplained ailment. She says she injured her face when her head struck the rear-view when the car in which she was riding with Ireland slammed into a garage door. There are rumors the black eye is the result of a ruckus that started at a gay July 4 barbecue party at the home of producer Mark Stevens. Ireland says he took some sleeping pills that made him sick. Both emphatically deny they are considering a separation.
10 July 56 nursing two black eyes, she announces in Hollywood that she and Ireland have agreed on a trial separation because "we want a little time to work out our problems. We have no intention at the moment of going to lawyers." Her film Drango has to stop shooting for a week.
Mid-July 56 columnist Mike Connolly reports that a piece of Paradise Valley property that she and Ireland bought for $1,600 an acre is now worth $10,000 an acre. "If those two go through with a divorce, as rumored, there'll be quite some settlement-signing to be done..."
August 56 Winchell knows that "it's final this time. She will file for divorce against John Ireland."
Early August 56 returns to the set of Drango. Makeup, she says, is hiding the last traces of discoloration in the eye. Her absence from work cost Jeff Chandler's Drango company $10,000. Ireland tells columnist Harrison Carroll: "Why don't you ask Joanne what's going to happen?"
August 56 their joint investment of $250,000 in the Phoenix Racquet Club is reported holding up their obsequies
Late August 56 columnist Lee Mortimer knows: "When Joanne left the coast to come east, she heard Ireland was planning to fly on the same plane so she changed her reservation at the last minute to another line under an assumed name. John was apparently tailing her and popped in on that plane just at flight time. In New York, he followed her from restaurant to restaurant, insisting on sitting at her table with her friends. The blow-off came at Sardi's when she threatened to leave if he didn't get up. So he went to the bar and waited there until she left and followed her out. Now that she's playing in The Moon is Blue in Andover, Massachusetts, she's afraid to leave the hotel or theater, much to the misery of her producer who wants to show her off for publicity."
September 56 columnist Earl Wilson tells that she and Ireland will sell their $125,000 Racquet Club
5 November 56 files suit for divorce from Ireland in Hollywood charging extreme cruelty
December 56 has a battle royal over the phone with John Ireland who wants to make up with her over his escort at the Sands, Las Vegas, eye-filling Vanita Ratcliff
January 57 tells Harrison Carroll that she'd like "to get things rolling on the divorce from John Ireland. She attended the Anastasia premiere with Richard Gully. The man she sees the most of, though, is Dell Armstrong, make-up expert and pal of Lana Tuner and Lex Barker. Ireland isn't being lonely, either. He was at the Marquis with Barbara Anderson."
Early April 57 her springtime fancy has turned to Lee Coughlin, noted portrait artist
April 57 Ireland threatens to file a legal complaint of his own if she doesn't hurry with her divorce suit. "He feels his technically married status puts him in an untenable position, not only with Kim Novak, but any other girl who might strike his fancy."
Early May 57 Winchell reports she's forgetting Ireland via Hank Cullouck
16 May 57 is granted a divorce from Ireland in Los Angeles Superior Court on testimony that he had become too hard to live with. A total of $53,388.66 in unpaid income taxes and bills, which they managed to accumulate through their eight-year marriage, is given. A settlement provides that both will pitch in and pay off the bills from proceeds of the sale of their home and from their earnings. He's 42; she's 34.
17 May 57 confirms to writer Bob Thomas she'll never marry another actor. She admits that marrying actors is a loosing game.
June 57 Ireland plans a quick Mexican divorce to supplement her California decree
July 57 works up a nightclub act due for the saloon circuit after she completes A Light in the Forest
August 57 columnist Louella Parsons reports Joanne and Joe Kirkwood, Jr., dining at the Gourmet Beverly. "The newest romance in town."
13 August 57 lists liabilities of $247,133 and assets of $21,690 in a voluntary bankruptcy petition filed in federal court in Los Angeles. She lists approximately 150 creditors and says that she owes $11,149 to the government for back taxes. The petition says that her 1955 income was $83,266 and her 1956 income, $47,757. Her statement says "tremendous financial difficulties" resulted from an investment made by Ireland and that her "financial position was further embarrassed by the fact that I had to pay off tax liens on joint tax returns that were filed by Dick Haymes and myself during our marriage." The petition adds that she's under contract to Walt Disney Productions, Inc.
Mid-August 57 columnist Lee Mortimer heralds that Kirkwood switched from her to Trudy Wroe
October 57 Winchell reports that "Romeo Salta says that before Joanne Dru returned to Hollywood her steady dinner date there was Oleg Cassini...."
columnist Hedda Hopper tells that Joanne sent her 15-year-old son, Dick, back east to his father, Dick Haymes, "who promptly put him in a prep school in Princeton, New Jersey.”And the boy likes it. Joanne is going to New York City for two TV shows, but before that she moves into Helen O'Connell's home in Brentwood. She was given an 8-month-old Pyrenees puppy. She said, 'It's drooling, lovable, and costs 72 a day to fee, and is a present from Wendell Corey.'"
Mid-October 57 she and Morton Phillips, heir to an Oregon mint, are an "every-nitem along the gay-spot circuit"
Late October 57 Winchell tells that her "latest merger-proposal came from Del Courtney. He pays half his income to an ex-wife..."
November 57 she and Oleg Cassini are reported to have shifted their dates to Palm Springs
Early February 58 is at the airport to meet Dell Armstrong upon his return from London
Mid-February 58 columnist Earl Wilson reports she tells friends that Lew Ayres "may be the guy." He's 49, she's 36.
Late February 58 her romance with actor Lew Ayres is reported serious. "Their intimates expect it to culminate in a wedding ceremony."
November 58 Ayres is on the set daily to drive her home from work. "It's become a daily habit."
December 58 Winchell starts his column with "Man About Town: Lew Ayres and Sterling Hayden proposed marriage to Joanne Dru..."
January 59 her torch for Ayres "is lighting up the Hollywood sky..."
February 59 Wilson reports: "John Ford's daughter, Barbara, and Joanne Dru are friends of Senator Barry Goldwater. Because he's in Washington so much, he's invited them to spend a week in his lovely Phoenix, Arizona, home. They invited me to go along, but I'd rather go when he's there..."
March 59 is reported deeply concerned over her 16-year-old son, Dick Haymes, Jr., who has developed an ulcer after a year of living in the East. She demands that he be returned to her custody.
April 59 Ireland hits the news by declaring bankruptcy, too
July 59 it takes five stitches to patch up her foot after she cut it on a rock in the ocean off Lew Ayres' Malibu home
August 59 her bathing suit in the upcoming The Girl in the Red Bikini is reported to be only 35 inches square
April 60 nurses Ayres, who has to be rushed to a West Coast hospital for an emergency appendectomy
June 60 Kilgallen writes that "Joanne Dru, long linked with Lew Ayres, has found a new beau - good looking, rich and so stern he forbids her to date anyone else..."
November 60 gets a big rush from George Pierose, a non pro
Early December 60 she and Pierose are a Hollywood duo at the Villa Nova
16 December 60 hits the news being named the "other woman" by Eula Pierose, 36, in a cross-complaint filed to a divorce action started by her husband, George Pierose, 35, head of a building maintenance company, in Los Angeles Superior Court. The 37-year-old Joanne and George Pierose maintain that they were merely neighbors in Brentwood and that Joanne is friendly with his children. Eula Pierose charges that they were lovers and carried on meretricious relations. Eula states that Joanne has "on many times been in the plaintiff's home when the defendant was not present." The court sees no indication of any irregularity in the relationship of Pierose and Joanne, and rules that the children shall remain in Pierose's custody pending trial of the divorce suit. The Pieroses were married in May 1943 and separated in September 1960.
Early January 61 is a twosome with Pierose at the Chalet Frascati
August 62 she and Pierose are among the guests of the reception hosted by the Richard Nixons at their new Trousdale Estates home. Other celebrities noted by Louella Parsons are Betty Bloomingdale, Gloria and Mike Romanoff, Sam Goldwyn, Francis X. Bushman and his pretty wife, Donna Reed and Tony Owen, Clifton Webb, the Meredith Wilsons, and Princess Conchita Pignatelli.
January 63 is expected to marry Pierose in the spring
13 March 63 she and Pierose take out their marriage license in Santa Monica. They plan to marry on March 16.
16 March 63 marries contractor George Rodger Pierose. He's 40; she's 41.
July 63 her son, Skip, and his mate are expecting their baby, making her a grandmother
October 63 she and Pierose attend the Clement Hirsches' opening party for the Beverly Club. Columnist Hedda Hopper notes Kay Gable coming with her favorite doctor, Joe Pasternak with Connie Francis, Jerry Lewis with his pregnant wife.
October 68 will be among the guests at a GOP cocktail party at the Joseph Long home in Orinda, California. Other Hollywood people due to attend are Andy Devine, John Agar, Johnny Grant, Quinn O'Hara, Deanna Lund, and Ruta Lee.
c. 70 introduces her friend, actress Anna Lee, to Anna’s future husband, poet and author Robert Nathan
3 January 72 becomes the widow of Pierose, who dies at age 49 in Los Angeles
Early June 72 at Raffles, she reveals to Earl Wilson that she'll marry her fourth soon in Panama, millionaire oilman C. V. Wood, Jr.
November 72 is official judge at the Annual World Chili Cookoff in Terlingua, Texas. C. V. Wood, winner of the last year's event, is expected to arrive with a bevy of Las Vegas showgirls and the Wilshire Boulevard Buffalo Hunter.
29 December 72 marries industrialist C. V., "Woody," Wood, Jr. He's 52; she's 50. Wood, the son of a railroad conductor, became the first employee of Disneyland, Inc., serving under Walt Disney as vice president and general manager responsible for site selection and development. He left Disneyland in 1956 to form Marco Engineering, providing market research, design, engineering and construction to the leisure industry. In 1961, Wood merged his firm with McCulloch Corp., a development company engaged in oil and gas exploration with assets of over $400 million. In 1969, 200-pound Wood hit the news when buying London Bridge for $2.46 million and moving the bridge from London, England, to Lake Havasu, Arizona, for an additional $7.5 million. He also tried to buy the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Wood has a son and a daughter from a previous marriage.
Late October 74 she and Wood host a posh cocktail party in the wine cellar of their Trousdale Estates home as a kickoff prior to the Hemophilia Foundation's Salute to Carol Burnett. Among the guests are Kathryn Grayson and Herb Handler, Dorothy and Robert Mitchum, Harvey Korman, Marge Durante, the David Murdocks, and the Paul MacNamaras. The Warren Cowans are seen dancing again. Attending columnist Dorothy Manner tells that "Wood was recently in Washington as one of the economy consultants to President Ford."
30 October 74 attends the Hemophilia Foundation's Salute to Carol Burnett, held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, dressed in a multi-flowered silk chiffon caftan by George Stavropalou. Among the guests are Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kathryn Grayson, Gloria DeHaven, Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker, Peter Marshall, David Carradine, Bob Newhart, the Chad Everetts, and the Gary Crosbys.
February 76 she and Wood do a great deal of travelling. Her ex, John Ireland, is reported launching a new career as owner of a ritzy restaurant in Santa Barbara.
October 76 the Woods and Robert McCullough, Sr., host the ceremonies marking the anniversary of the opening of the reassembled London Bridge in Lake Havasu in 1971. Among the guests are Peter Graves, Marie Windsor, Pat Buttram, Chill Wills and London visitors Sir Lindsay Ring and Lady Ring. "Before the evening ended there was dessert served with champagne in the English Village under the London Bridge."
December 76 is among the 25 members of "Hollywood Squares" invited to Jamaica to boost the country as an ideal vacation resort
29 December 76 she and her husband, Wood, celebrate their wedding anniversary in Jamaica. There he tries to buy Kings House, the Governor General's official Kingston residence.
13 March 77 is judge at the First Annual Ventura County Chili Cookoff, hosted by the Thousand Oaks Kiwanis Club at Conejo Community Park. Her husband and Carroll Shelby, both retired world chili champions, attend.
May 77 she and Wood attend the opening of a Crazy Horse Saloon exhibition at the Wally Findlay Gallery in Hollywood
14 March 92 becomes the widow of Wood, who dies at age 71 at the St. Joseph Hospital in Houston of lung cancer. His obit names him president of Warner Brothers Recreational Entertainment Division.
16 September 93 her daughter Barbara Nugent Haymes dies at age 45 in Los Angeles
10 September 96 as Joanne L. Wood, she dies at age 74 at her Beverly Hills, California, home of respiratory failure after suffering from lymphedema. The chemotherapy she received over her lifetime affected her lymph nodes.
? is cremated; her ashes are scattered at sea offshore Monterey County, California
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