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(Isabella Garcia)
10 April 33 is born in Lugareno, Camaguez, Cuba, to a Cuban father and a Mexican mother
? begins dancing in Havana at age 17
? is a sensation with Cuba’s National Theatre
57 lands an engagement with the Folies Bergère in Paris
59 during the filming of Il terrore dei barbari, she meets actor Livio Lorenzon. He becomes a very good friend of hers.
61 meets actor Folco Lulli while filming La regina dei tartari. He becomes a close acquaintance of hers.
meets Italian producer Aldo Pomilia while filming Morgan il pirata
61 marries Pomilia
? prepares Cuban chicken and rice on a cooking show on Italian television
? her son, Aldino, is born
c. 63 Ernesto “Che” Guevara tries to talk her into returning to Cuba, but she refuses and remains in Rome
86 divorces Pomilia / becomes the widow of Pomilia
? opens a fattoria, a small dining establishment
? lives in Siena, Italy
20 February 19 dies at age 85 in Mentana, Italy
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