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(Edythia Helen Turnell)
27 November 25 is born in Cook County, Illinois
? turns down a ballet job at the Radio City Music Hall to be a showgirl at The Copacabana
19 January 45 Hedda Hopper reports that "Dee Turnell of the Copacabana, who has been cutting quite a rug with the New York nighthounds, has been signed by Twentieth for a spot specialty dance in The Dolly Sisters (1945)."
45 has a 13-year-old Collie named Cleopatra
stars in the stage production of Spring in Brazil
29 December 46 is named Prettiest Legs by Earl Wilson
31 December 46 Hedda Hoppers says "I wonder why Warner Bros doesn't test Dee Turnell, who looks like the late Marilyn Miller."
6 July 48 Dorothy Manners reports that "Dee Turnell has been signed to a new Hollywood contract because of her standout performance in a dancing number with Fred Astaire."
16 October 48 appears on Hollywood Star Theater where she is introduced by Van Johnson
4 May 50 models at the 16th Police Show at the Shrine Auditorium
4 March 51 marries Jerry Thorpe
? says to Barrie Chase, "I feel so much better after getting married. Now, I don't have to stay in this awful industry."
2 November 54 Lydia Lane reports that "I lunched with Dee Turnell recently at MGM and as she ate a seafood salad she told me that since her childhood in Chicago, she had been a dancer but never dreamed she'd end up with a Hollywood contract."
14 January 55 guest stars with Sylvia Lewis on The Ray Bolger Show
August 57 her daughter Tracy is born
August 59 her daughter Tricia is born
August 64 her daughter Tiana is born
22 February 91 hosts the Auxiliary Inc dinner dance at the Palm Beach Ballet Center
January 03 dies in California
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