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27 December 31 is born in Georgetown, Texas to Marvin and Jewell Edwards
48 is featured in East Texas Chamber of Commerce
? graduates from the Kay Corderman School of Modeling
? is crowned Queen of the Williamson County Sheriff Posse Rodeo
4 March 50 competes for the title of Varsity Carnival Queen at the University of Texas
5 May 50 is crowned runner-up in Texas Miss Cowbelle
12 January 51 appears in the stage production of Time Staggers On
10 June 52 The Austin American reports that Mary Ann Edwards "has been awarded a part in the picture High Heels by Modern Screen and Wald-Krasna Productions and will go to Hollywood the latter part of August." She will reportedly receive $175 a week.
December 52 is featured in Modern Screen
53 is crowned Miss Golden Gloves by the personnel of Camp Wolters
? appears regularly on the Colgate Comedy Hour
18 May 53 John Bustin reports that "a wire from Milt Hose of RKO Studios reports that Mary Ann Edwards, a University of Texas co-ed and Austin's recent Miss Golden Gloves, has been signed for a role in RKO's forthcoming Son of Sinbad (1955)."
21 May 53 arrives at Hollywood
9 November 53 hosts Hollywood's 50th-Year Celebration
20 July 54 marries Ralph Stirling Hodges in Georgetown, Texas
June 56 is a finalist in Miss Nevada, U.S.A
? divorces Hodges
? becomes a weathergirl in Las Vegas
18 March 59 John Bustin reports that "...Mary Ann Edwards, a Georgetown native and UT drama department ex, who has credits in such pictures as Giant (1954) and the forthcoming FBI Story (1959) as well as in The D.A's Man TV series and numerous other television films."
63 marries James P. Hart
65 her son, James Paul is born
31 July 21 dies of Alzheimer's Disease in Newell Ranch, California
March 22 is featured in Classic Images
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