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(Faye Margaret Emerson)
8 July 17 is born in Elizabeth, Louisiana, to Lawrence L. Emerson and his wife
c. 20 her parents divorce when she's three
? spends most of her childhood in California
? attends San Diego State College
35 is on the stage for the first time with the St. James Repertory Company in Carmel, California
29 October 38 marries William Wallace Crawford, Jr., an automobile dealer from San Diego. He's 22; she's 21.
11 June 40 her son, William Wallace, is born in San Diego
41 is offered a Warner Brothers contract
42 divorces Crawford, retaining custody of her son, William Wallace "Scoop" Crawford III
Early 40s dates Julian "Ken" Kinrich
43 meets Elliott Roosevelt, son of the President, at a Hollywood party
3 December 44 marries Air Force Colonel Elliott Roosevelt at the Yavapai observation station, overlooking the Grand Canyon, Arizona, where she is filming Hotel Berlin. He's 34; she's 27. She is his third wife and gets along well with her mother-in-law, Eleanor Roosevelt, at the presidential residence in Hyde Park.
? wartime GIs are bumped on a military plane to make room for her and her dog
? expense accounts of Howard Hughes's press agent, when investigated by a Senate committee, reveal $132 for nylons charged to her
46 works in summer stock
Early 48 the Roosevelts leave Hyde Park for a New York hotel suite as she's to give her Broadway debut in The Play's the Thing
18 December 48 after the show closes she returns to Hyde Park
25 December 48 is rushed to a doctor's office with a self-inflicted razor slash to the wrist. She's taken to Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie and released two days later. The Roosevelts claim it was an accident.
50 declares that she will divorce Roosevelt after the filming of Guilty Bystander
5 January 50 is off to Mexico for her divorce decree
14 / 17 January 50 divorces Roosevelt in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He will marry Minnewa Bell in 1951 and die at age 80 in 1990 in Arizona.
7 November 50 at the end of her TV show, she introduces her next husband to the audience, Skitch Henderson
12 December 50 marries Lyle Cedric "Skitch" Henderson, orchestra leader, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The ceremony is held at the home of friends. He's 32; she's 33.
January 51 Look magazine names her "Television's Most Appealing Female Personality"
October 55 beats up two drunks who annoy her in a New York bar
7 January 58 divorces Henderson in Mexico City. He will die at age 87 in 2005 in Connecticut.
? is on stage in Back to Methuselah
62 is on summer tour with The Vinegar Tree
leaves for Switzerland
63 sails to Spain and makes her home on the island of Majorca, where she allows herself to grow fat. She writes her memoirs, which are never published, and olds ungracefully.
9 March 83 dies at age 66 from stomach cancer in Deyva, Majorca, Spain
Hollywood Players: The Forties by James Robert Parish, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Movie Stars of the '40s by David Ragan, Whisper,
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