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Katherine Cassidy
Katherine Cassidy
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(Marie Katherine Icide)
28 October 1925 is born in DeWitt County, Illinois to Joseph and Louise Icide
21 May 43 stars in the stage production of H.M.S Pinafore at Hollywood High School
6 April 45 is crowned as one of the ten Stork Club Orchids chosen by producer B.G De Sylva, who will appear in The Stork Club (1945)
1 June 45 says in an interview with Bob Thomas regarding her modeling career, "It's fine while it lasts. Like many models, I hope to be either a dress designer or an actress."
9 June 45 Earle Ferris writes that "Miss Marie Icide, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Icide, former Clinton residents now living in Hollywood, was recently selected with nine other girls as winner in a Hollywood photogenic model contest. A picture of the models appeared recently in The Chicago Daily Tribune."
46 signs with the Dorothy Preble Agency
22 March 46 models wardrobe used in Masquerade in Mexico (1946) at Fashion Fiesta, a fashion show sponsored by Dorothy Gray in Edmonton, Canada
20 October 47 is featured in Life
48 is a John Robert Powers Model in New York under the name Katherine Cassidy
24 June 48 James Barton reports that "Miss Cassidy is a fashion model and she and her mother have been in New York for four months where she has been modeling for Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Her picture appeared in Life a few months ago as the latest discovery of Director Howard Hawks."
26 June 48 Mary Ward reports "Marie Icide is tall, five feet nine inches, weighs 118 pounds, and the magazine people who like her pictures just as she is now advise 'Don't gain an ounce.' Waist measure, 21 inches."
June 51 is featured in Collier
17 August 52 models diamonds at the Retail Jewelers' Association Show in Los Angeles, California
November 52 models the 'Man-Trap Swimsuit' by Cole of California at the California National Press Week
53 is signed by RKO Pictures, where she will appear in Son of Sinbad (1955)
54 appears in The French Line (1954) where she will earn $270 and say "It's not profitable for me to be in the movies."
February 54 is featured in Otto Volante
17 October 55 Earl Wilson reports that "A Hollywood producer long-distanced Katherine Cassidy and instructed her to rush right out. He was using her in a picture. He said 'We'd start you at $150.' She yawned, 'I'm terribly sorry, but I make $500 to $750 a week modeling."
27 December 55 her mother dies in an auto accident
13 May 56 is featured in Chicago Tribune Magazine where she says about her dating life, "I date various beaus, but not what you'd call steady."
3 Sep 1993 dies in Los Angeles, California
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