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Maxine Reeves
Maxine Reeves
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(Maxine Ruth Mayes)
October 24 is born
? marries Mr. Reeves
October 47 her daughter Bonnie is born
? her son is born
19 May 52 models at the Fashion Show Afloat at World Trade Week in Los Angeles, California
June 52 is a finalist in the 1952 Pinup Queen of Hollywood poll conducted by Dick Williams
21 June 52 J.F of the Los Angeles Mirror says that "Unlike most pin-ups, Maxine Reeves doesn't just seem what men wish all women were, but is. exceptionally lovely, modest, intelligent, infectiously happy."
21 July 52 presents gifts at the 35th California Gift Show
13 October 52 Walter Ames reports that "a trio of pretty Times lassies, Nadine Mason, Caroline Fitts, and MAxine Reeves, uphold the big-city honors in KTTV's Battle of the Southland at 8 tonight."
13 July 54 represents California in the Parade of States at the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Convention in Los Angeles
? becomes the "head model" on Queen for a Day after Cathy Cook retires
8 March 62 is featured in Jet
21 July 62 is featured in TV Guide
June 64 is featured in TV Graphic
? marries George F Fitzpatrick in Los Angeles County, California
22 lives in Palm Desert, California
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