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9 November 35 is born in Koenigsberg, Germany, to Paul and Helena Ewert. Her father is a German grain trader; her mother is a Russian.
45 she and her mother flee Koenigsberg when the Russian front comes closer, and they go to Hamburg. Her father will follow, after spending four years as a prisoner of war.
Early 50s is set back by the injuries of a car crash
attends Ida Ehre’s acting school in Hamburg
51 at 16 she enrolls in acting lessons with Eva Fiebig in Hamburg
55 meets and starts an affair with married, Vienna-born producer Franz “Zwetschi” Marischka while filming Mikosch im Geheimdienst. He’s 19 years her senior.
? has affairs with actors Erik Schumann, Harald Juhnke, Tommy Hoerbiger, and Woerthersee playboy Gerhard Berndt
57 is on the cover of Bravo #35
actor Curd Jurgens invites her to his home on the Riviera and names her “Witch”
59 there are rumors she may be the cause for Marischka’s divorce from his wife, Inge
61 is on the cover of Bravo #25
July 61 meets Clifford Weyer, a beverage dealer and import-export man from Hamburg, when she’s with escort Marischka at the Munich nightclub Pon
becomes engaged to Weyer the next evening. He is 26; she is 25. Her mother will later deny the engagement. He will become notorious as “the handsome consul” Hans-Hermann Weyer.
they plan to spend some weeks at his mother’s house in Tripoli; his mother’s second husband is the state treasurer of Tunisia
August 61 her engagement to Weyer ends after eight weeks in a violent argument between Marischka and Weyer. She recuperates from blood poisoning at a sanatorium in Schliersee, Upper Bavaria.
? is filming in France and Yugoslavia
63 has an affair with actor Paul Hubschmid while he’s on the Vienna stage in My Fair Lady and becomes the cause for a first suicide attempt by his wife, Ursula von Teubern
when Ursula Hubschmid eventually commits suicide, Renate feels guilty and starts taking drugs. She, Marischka, and his ex, Inge, live in the same apartment house in Munich-Schwabing, only two stories apart
Hubschmid separates from her
is writing a screenplay
has to turn down a part in the upcoming Marihuana due to her weakness
November 66 her friend, Marischka, leaves for Berlin. Shortly afterwards, her telephone service is cut because of nonpayment.
4 December 66 dies, age 33, on the floor of the bedroom of her apartment in Munich Schwabing, Germany
9 December 66 after 5 days, she is found Saturday afternoon by her friend, actress Susanne Cramer, who is in for a short visit from the States. Dressed in a nighty and weakened by pills, she starved to death and was nothing but skin and bones. In death her weight is only 34 kilos. There are rumors about an accidental overdose of pills or too much eating. 12 eggs, 2 liters of milk, and six pieces of creamcake, sent to her flat shortly before by Marischka’s 9-year-old son, Hubert, are gone.
a mystery also remains regarding the whereabouts of DM 2,000, which was sent to her shortly before her death by her father
her father hopes for some details from a close friend of his daughter, actress Erika Remberg, who can’t be reached for a statement
her agent, Renate Baroness Lazar, blames her death on grief over the separation from Hubschmid and pill addiction
Hubschmid refuses any comment on the matter. His new girlfriend, actress Eva Renzi, refuses all incoming calls.
15 December 66 an autopsy is ordered by her father
16 December 66 is cremated at the East Cemetery in Munich. Only her parents, Marischka, and three colleagues, Kai Fisher, Herman Nehlsen, the ex of Susanne Cramer, and Karl Alberti attend.
67 German avant-garde director Will Tremper talks about an affair between her and actor Paul Hubschmid. Hubschmid sues Tremper. The prosecuting attorney also starts investigations against producer Franz Marischka and a newsmagazine.
May 67 the prosecuting attorney declares her death was due to an overdose of sleeping pills and no one is to be blamed
November 67 her father commits suicide by an overdose of sleeping pills. In his suicide note he asks his wife to forgive him.
her mother poisons herself
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