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(Elisabeth De Mezey)
10 March 21 is born in Arad, Transylvania, Hungary, to a noble family; her father, Baron Nicholas De Mezey, is heir to 7,000 acres in the Balkans
c. 33 goes to Paris with her mother at age 12
? studies ballet
44 escapes to Italy, where she meets Colonel Elmer L. Kincaid, Jr.
marries Air Force Colonel Elmer Lincoln Kincaid, Jr., of Bronxville, New York, in Italy
War Years joins the International Red Cross, serving in Europe
c. 46 is an interpreter at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
46 her daughter, Carole Eltwyn, is born
47 goes to the States
? begins as a Conover model
? becomes a consultant in motion pictures
? divorces Kincaid
December 49 wears an Alaska seal skin at the Western International Fur Animal Show held in Los Angeles, California
December 49 attends Leo de Lyon’s opening at the Mocambo with Lex Barker
July 50 is seen at the Tallyho with John Howard
December 50 columnist Erskine Johnson thinks she can give Rhonda Fleming some pointers on her Little Egypt cooch dance, the Johnston office version of what Lisa does in her first starring role in Flame of Stamboul
June 51 is romanced by actor Richard Greene
October 51 congratulates leading lady Kathryn Grayson on her performance in Show Boat
December 51 is seen at the Cove with director Curtis Bernhardt
January 52 is seen with Kirk Douglas at the Beachcombers
is a surprise twosome at Frances Faye’s Mocambo opening with her ex-husband, Colonel E. L. Kincaid, Jr. “The colonel came out to see his little girl. Lisa moved out of her home so the colonel could stay there and spend all the time with the youngster.”
March 52 dates Hugh O'Brian at the Sportsmen's Lodge
April 52 is seen at Bill Storey’s with actor John Raven
May 52 is expected to become the bride of Hollywood financier Alexander Pam Blumenthal after his divorce. He's 47; she's 31.
reclines in a flaming red rabbit negligee with lace inserts where lace counts
August 52 dates Dan Dailey and David Haft, Gloria De Haven’s former heart, in New York City
September 52 dates actor Ralph Meeker
her new Romeo is millionaire plane manufacturer Edgar Douglas from Denver, whom she met at a Hollywood party
December 52 her favorite is Colonel Charles Baron, motor magnate from Chicago
columnist Erskine Johnson reports that producer Pam Blumenthal asked her to become his wife
Early 53 becomes an American citizen
26 January 53 Blumenthal dies unexpectedly at age 48 in Los Angeles and leaves a $50,000 insurance policy to her daughter Carol
February 53 sells her house and is off to New York to appear opposite Veronica Lake and Francis Lederer in Broadway's Masquerade. She makes her new home in Westchester.
March 53 has heart-to-heart talks with Blumenthal's widow about the movie financier's will. Lisa would have been his bride this summer had he lived to see his divorce become final.
May 53 finds plenty of time between her New York television appearances to see cinematographer Gerald Hirschfeld
October 53 is on the New York stage at the Astor Theater opposite Hurd Hatfield in The Happy Time
November 53 places third among the Ten Best Dressed Actresses of Hollywood
Early 54 is gifted with a bright red convertible by Charles Baron of Chicago
January 54 reports the loss of her full-length mink coat, valued at $11,500. She says she placed the coat in her dressing room at the New York television studio where she works. When she returned later, the coat was gone.
is seen out with actor Franchot Tone
her lawyers are sure to collect a whopping sum of money from the estate of late producer Pam Blumenthal, whom she was expected to wed. The moolah represents sums of money loaned to the producer by Lisa before his death.
May 54 sues Blumenthal's widow for possession of a $50,000 policy awarded by her deceased lover to her 7-year-old daughter Carol. She testifies Blumenthal left the money to her daughter because he loved her and the child. The jury rules the insurance policy should go to Lisa.
January 55 is accompanied to the premiere of House of Flowers by designer Don Loper
March 55 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “Socialites would flip if they knew actress Lisa Ferraday’s Big Secret Romance. His wife is stepping aside in Reno or Vegas."
August 55 is seen out with Count de Pariente
December 55 indicates her romance with Broderick Crawford is over
56 her and actor Broderick Crawford’s romance makes every Cupid’s column
February 56 has a feud with fellow Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor while filming Death of a Scoundrel
she and Broderick Crawford are among those listening to Nat King Cole at Ciro’s
December 56 is seen at Chandler's with an alleged maharaja
January 57 in a court battle over her ten-year-old daughter, she states that her income varies from $8,000 to $25,000 a year
February 57 can’t make up her mind between Charles Sweeney and the Spanish ambassador to London
March 57 dates the Marquess of Milford Haven, cousin of the Queen, on her visit to London
her most recent conquest is Marvin Braverman, the ex of Margaret Truman and Fulton Cutting II
April 57 is no longer a twosome with Crawford
May 57 dates Lee Nordness at a Left Bank spot
is seen at The Colony with Fouad Arsan, the Egyptian consul
July 57 teaches water skiing on Long Island Sound to circus tycoon Henry Ringling North
August 57 while in Paris, she goes to Ciro’s with Broderick Crawford
November 57 is among a volunteer unit of performers on a pre-Christmas tour of Air Force bases in Labrador, Newfoundland, and Greenland
January 58 divides her nights at the Colony between J. Ringling North, the Southerner, and Lord Adrian Foley, the foreigner
February 58 flies to Israel over the weekend to visit an ailing friend from her OSS days
March 58 is seen skating with her daughter Carol at Rockefeller Center several times weekly
18 October 58 as Elizabeth Kincaid, she marries John W. “Jack” Anderson II, a Detroit industrialist, at the Park Avenue Methodist Church in New York City; it's the second marriage for both. He's 35; she's 37. Anderson’s the son of Detroit industrialist Wendell W. Anderson.
October 59 her husband becomes even richer due to the death of his millionaire father in Detroit
January 66 she and her husband will rent Averill Dalitz’ high-styled Acapulco hideaway in March
June 67 she and Kincaid announce the engagement of their daughter Carol to Ronald Eldon Triggs of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
is among the celebrity attendees at fashion designer Bill Blass’ His and Hers opening in New York
March 68 is among the guests of Merle Oberon's splash for the new U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Freeman
August 68 columnist Maxine Cheshire knows: “Jet-setter Lisa Ferraday Anderson, who left the world of show business when she married Grosse Pointe millionaire John Anderson, brought her yacht to Miami Beach and turned it over to the Rockefeller forces. Mrs. Anderson, wearing a chicken-wire print Acapulco dress with matching handbag, said here at a party that her crew had been taking out dignitaries such as Senator Javits and the entire Michigan delegation to fish or swim between caucuses...”
July 69 attends her daughter’s wedding to Triggs wearing a gold tiara paved with tiny diamonds, “adhering to the custom for the mother of the bride in her native Transylvania”
June 70 she and her husband are reported up from their villa in Cuernavaca and being royally entertained. Larry Mako, the charming lady decorator, decorated her home with the likes of Mrs. Bob Hope, Nancy Sinatra with Ross hunter, Lorena and Mike Nixdorf, Jacque Mapes, Mrs. Tom May and Ann Rutherford with a dinner for the Andersons. The previous evening, Ross Hunter had been their host...”
November 75 Richard Gully throws a welcome back party for her at the Bistro. “I was in 17 pictures before they found out I wasn’t an actress,’ says Lisa, “who is now Mrs. John Wendell Anderson II of Grosse Point, Michigan, Bermuda, Acapulco, London and a few other homes...”
? she and Anderson reside at 423 Chilian Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida
22 March 04 as Elisabeth F. Anderson, she dies suddenly at age 83 in Palm Beach, Florida. She is survived by her husband; a daughter, Carrie Anderson-Kincaid of Cheyenne; a granddaughter, Lindsay Anderson-Kincaid of Cheyenne; two stepsons, John W. Anderson III of Cuernavaca, Mexico, and Christopher W. Anderson of Cairns, Australia; and six other grandchildren.
? a memorial service is held at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-By-The-Sea in Florida
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