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(Donna Rose Percy)
3 May 34 is born to Virgil and Georgia Percy
19 March 52 Art Ryon reports that "There's a high school girl in Ontario you should see. She was one of the peaches modeling at the Orange Show. Name: Donna Percy..."
24 April 52 demonstrates products at the Hot Rod and Motor Sports Show in Los Angeles
25 November 52 stars in Parlor Story at the Chaffey College Little Theater
? is a typist at NBC
12 October 54 Sidney Skolsky reports that "first new gal signed by Paramount for quite a while is Donna Percy. She got her chance for a screen test by coming in and reading Dickens' Child's Dream of a Star, which knocked the executives right into a contract..."
4 November 54 appears in court with actress Marla English to get her contract with Paramount approved. The request is granted by Judge Arnold Praeger for a seven-year contract."
November 54 is featured in Picturegoer
February 55 switches from Paramount Pictures to Famous Artists Corp in pursuit of a singing career
55 marries Leon Rufus Sellers
21 October 55 Walter Winchell reports that "Donna Percy has been signed to a contract at The Embers here as the ciggie-gel."
? her singing teacher is Richard Camillucci
19 February 61 sings at Dino's Lodge
69 marries Alan Strauss in New York
14 August 10 dies in Temecula, California
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