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(Mary Scarborough)
June 26 is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
? her mother sends her to live at the Catholic Home of Destitute Children on 2901 W. Allegheny Avenue, where she suffers immense abuse
June 49 competes for Queen of the Fireworks Show
28 July 49 gets in an auto accident while driving to an audition. She uses the settlement money to rent an apartment.
4 February 50 helps raise money for March of Dimes in Los Angeles, California
? lives at the Hollywood Studio Club
meets Edmund Goulding at Warner Bros. He has her change her name to Jackie Parks
51 is crowned Queen of the Car Wash
27 July 51 Clark Roberts reports that "Jacquelyn Park, one of the promising of the younger starlets, tells why she wants to get married and the type of husband she is looking for on the I want to Get Married show on KTTV."
February 52 is featured in Frolic
April 53 is featured in Frolic
? meets mogul Jack Warner. She will become his long-term mistress
55 is featured in Sir!
15 September 55 is one of eight women who test for the role of Princess Aouda in Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
November 55 is a twosome at The Encore Room with Allan Nixon
? tests for a role in The Tarnished Angels (1957)
4 September 56 Edwin Schallert reports that Jacquelyn Park, reportedly chosen out of 30 entrants for the part, has been assigned to Bachelor Party by producer Harold Hecht and Director Delbert Mann."
June 58 Miss USRA Salton City Queen
8 July 58 according to Walter Winchell, "My Hollywood Diary is a highly amusing first effort by actress Jacquelyn Park. Newspaper syndicate, mags, and pocket book publishers would prosper with it."
8 May 59 Walter Winchell reports that "Jacqueline Park may invade teevee a la Betty Furness for the Rivera Sofa Co. on the Coast."
18 June 60 marries psychiatrist Mortimer Hartmann

? divorces Hartmann
25 December 64 attends the premiere of My Fair Lady (1964) with Jack Warner
66 tries unsuccessfully to publish her novel Don’t Run My Love
70s is a travel agent
31 May 79 Roderick Mann reports that "the publication of a new book by Grosset & Dunlap this October... Goodbye, Jack Warner, written by his friend of six years Jacqueline Park, is going to make a lot of people in Hollywood very uncomfortable."
15 July 79 says to Lloyd Shearer that "Jack Warner kissed me off in 1966 with a payment of $5,000 and promises, none of which he kept."
says of Jack Warner, "He was so cheap he would always make sure that the bills didn’t stick together when he counted them."
says that the government paid her to date President Sukarno of Indonesia
90s becomes a self-described spankologist where she invites men to her apartment for role play, which she earns a living doing. Her clients say that her apartment is filled with memorabilia of Hollywood.
91 is quoted in Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography that Ronald Reagan got her pregnant, denied the child was his, and would only pay for half of the abortion
93 is interviewed in Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993)
14 according to one of her former clients on, he emailed her and got a reply that she was ill and at a nursing facility. He later got an email confirming her death.
21 February 17 Jean Stein says in her book West of Eden: An American Place that "Cary Grant was dressed like a woman the first time he took actress Jacqueline Park on a date. He wore a silk blouse, velvet trousers and gold lame shoes."
31 March 23 Samuel Claesson publishes an in-depth article about Jacquelyn Park at Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen
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