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(Catherine Sally Feeney)
28 May 25 is born in San Diego, California, to Michael and Agnes Feeney. Her parents are amateur ballroom dancers.
? begins taking dance lessons as a child
? is a dancing teacher for three years
47 hits Hollywood
as Sally Heath she makes good with a part in The Daring Miss Jones
c. 48 as Sally Feeney she's fired as a MGM chorine
c. 49 Ida Lupino's independent Filmmakers company casts her for their upcoming Unwanted
July 49 is heralded Ida Lupino’s new find. Columnist Erskine Johnson knows that Sally and Jerome Courtland were introduced while doing a fan magazine layout. "They liked the layout and each other so well they've decided to go steady."
August 49 has to obey to the letter one clause in her contract - to stay out of the limelight. "Ida Lupino, who signed her for Not Wanted, introduced the clause to protect Sally and the film from notoriety."
September 49 is wooed by boy actor Roddy McDowell
October 49 shows Terry Moore how to do a whirlwind polka at Bob Arthur’s housewarming party
MGM is reported wanting her back
is tested by MGM to replace Betty Garrett in The Skipper Surprised His Wife
November 49 she and Roddy McDowell discover each other
December 49 columnist Jimmy Fidler expects her to altar-trek shortly after New Year's with her agent, Milo Frank
March 50 columnist Erskine Johnson knows: "MGM is secretly testing Sally Forrest for the Quo Vadis role rumored for so many others..."
June 50 is reported refusing "all dates with other boys in town because she is engaged quietly to Milo Frank, her agent and discoverer"
September 50 Johnson tells: "The marriage of Sally Forrest and agent Milo Frank will come off when Sally completes Excuse My Dust at MGM..."
October 50 she and Bob Clarke, college wrestler and football player, are pictured at Santa Monica Beach "as they take a day off after completing a film together"
February 51 Johnson tells: "Skip the rumors that Sally Forrest and MGM are feuding. The studio just signed her for another year..."
Johnson knows: "Sally Forrest and agent Milo Frank are losing their tempers over the 'they'll-never-get married' prophecies of movietown crystal-gazers. Blue-eyed Sally, who's Mickey Rooney's leading lady in The Strip, told me: 'I don't know where the rumor came from. I pick up the paper and read that Milo and I have called the whole thing off. That's not true. We're going to be married, but we don't know exactly when, that's all.'"
April 51 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: "After Bannerline, Sally Forrest gets a month's vacation - but she and agent Milo Frank won't get married during that time..."
June 51 Vera Ellen comments on the tale that she and Sally give each other the icicle treatment at MGM: "I've never in my life quarreled with another dancer. There's room for everybody...."
9 June 51 she and Frank set August 5 as their wedding date. They will be married at architect Paul Lazlo's home in Pacific Palisades with Betty Alexander and Bob Blumofe as attendants.
Early June 51 postpones her marriage to Frank indefinitely. "Says she has no time to buy a trousseau. This is about the third postponement..."
5 August 51 marries Milo Ogden Frank at the Brentwood home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lazlo. He's 29; she's 26. The formal ceremony is performed by Dr. Stewart P. MacLennon; Ida Lupino is matron of honor. The couple is expected to spend their honeymoon in New York, France, and Switzerland.
Early August 51 her European honeymoon is off. Frank couldn't get the time.
Late August 51 she and Frank are due back from their La Jolla honeymoon
November 51 attends the world premiere of Bright Victory with Frank
March 52 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: "It may interest Ginger Rogers, the Ray Millands and Hedy Lamarr to know that part of the furniture they auctioned was bought by Sally Forrest and Milo Frank..."
May 52 will play opposite Gene Kelly in Invitation to the Dance
July 52 she and MGM will part company in October. The press tells that "the pretty star will join the Blackburn twins in their nightclub and theater act for a year."
November 52 is pictured posing with her puppy, Ferdinand
rehearses a nightclub and theater act with six male dancers and staged by Hermes Pan
discouraged with the way things are breaking for her in the studios, she moves to New York with Frank
January 53 Johnson reports: "Sally Forrest and Milo Frank, who said they couldn't live apart, have now made the decision to try it for the sake of Sally's movie career. She'll live in Hollywood and he will continue as a TV talent scout operating out of New York."
February 53 agrees to do a Broadway play produced by Bill Dozier
April 53 is among the celebrities at a fancy Easter luncheon held at a New York City hotel. Others attending are Tyrone Power, Linda Christian, and Ann Rutherford.
May 53 she and James Craig are reported burning over the top billing - way above their own names - given to newcomer Elaine Stewart by MGM in Code Two
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells that Sally and Frank are "writing an unhappy ending after a brief fling at matrimony. No chance of reconciliation..."
Late May 53 she and Frank deny the rift rumors. Frank says she will return to Gotham as soon as she finishes a picture at RKO, and they'll celebrate with a vacation in Haiti.
June 53 gets the part in Son of Sinbad when Piper Laurie is ordered out by her doctors for 30 days
July 53 after finishing Son of Sinbad, she and Frank will dash back to New York where he's head of CBS TV talent. They hope to take a vacation in Haiti.
columnist Edith Gwynn tells: "Howard Hughes wants Sally Forrest for the femme lead in The Big Rainbow, soon to shoot at RKO. He's trying to buy up Sally's commitment that's supposed to take her to Broadway in two weeks..."
6 October 53 is guest panelist with regulars Sam Levenson and George S. Kaufman on "This is Show Business"
March 54 columnist Erskine Johnson tells that she "hasn't been overjoyed with what New York TV has offered and she'll return to the movie arena pronto..."
April 54 columnist Hedda Hopper tells to watch for an early announcement of "the Sally Forrest - Milo Frank rift. The end of the marriage came when Sally signed an RKO starring contract in Hollywood and failed to return to Milo's side in New York, as she had promised..."
May 54 Johnson reports: "It was Milo Frank, anxious to woo Sally Forrest back to hearth and home, who got her the job as Vanessa Brown's successor in The Seven Year Itch on Broadway. The play will keep her out of Hollywood and away from the influence of a big movie tycoon..."
June 54 takes over Vanessa Brown's part in Broadway's The Seven Year Itch
July 54 she an her co-star in The Seven Year Itch, Tom Ewell, are seen dining out after a matinee
October 54 is expected to follow Frank to Europe, where he is to produce his first independent film, The Viking. "She won't be in the picture though."
November 54 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Sally "signed with producer George Laurent to star in The Diplomatic Touch which will be made in Technicolor in Paris in the spring. The Herbert Baker story is about a traveling saleslady in France who has the same name as a famed diplomat. The trip to Europe will come at a good time for our gal Sal as her husband, Milo Frank, will also be abroad in May making The Viking in the Scandinavian countries."
December 54 columnist Walter Winchell notes her "digging Sarah Vaughn's serenades at Birdland..."
May 55 her husband is reported calling it quits at CBS
October 55 NBC TV wants her for a weekly television series
November 55 her dance number in Son of Sinbad, clipped by US censors, is left in the movie for European showings
she and Frank purchase the old Jean Harlow - Paul Bern mansion in Beverly Hills. Wooden masks of Jean's pals, Ann Harding, Gloria Swanson and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., still adorn a wall in a playroom.
June 56 columnist Mike Connelly tells: "Sally Forrest and Milo Frank, who live in the old Jean Harlow home in Beverly Hills, swear it's haunted by Jean..."
August 56 will make her dancing debut at CBS on October 6
March 57 opens at the Copacabana in New York in an entirely new act
October 57 is named "Miss Gladiola Queen" by the Society of American Florists. She will reign during the National Flower Week from November 2 to 9.
Early September 59 loses her expected baby at the Cedars of Lebanon
November 60 will come out of retirement as the wife of producer Milo Frank in "Strictly Solo," a segment of "General Electric Theater"
September 75 promotes Andre's Restaurant in Beverly Hills
? she and Frank reside at 1125 Angelo Drive, Beverly Hills, California
13 June 04 becomes the widow of Frank who dies at age 82 in Los Angeles
15 March 15 dies at age 89 in Beverly Hills from cancer
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