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(Jeanne Ferguson)
16 December 30 is born in Ireland to Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson
47 is crowned Miss Belfast
18 June 52 Frank Brookhouser reports that "Jeanne Ferguson, of Havertown, will represent this state in the Miss Universe contest"
52 is roommates with Jackie Loughery, who will become the first woman crowned Miss USA
1 December 52 Bud Magnin writes that "Jeanne, the blue-eyed blonde who stands 5 feet 6 and weights 120 pounds is with Warner Brothers and plays a dance hall queen in Cattle Town."
April 53 is featured in Candid Whirl
19 May 53 becomes an American citizen
? is a dancer at the Copacabana
16 July 56 Walter Winchell reports that "Gary Crosby's GI mail is mainly to Jeanne Ferguson."
3 November 58 an $800 mink stole is stolen from her home
25 July 95 dies
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