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Barbara Lohrman
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(Barbara Anne Lohrmann)
22 February 29 is born in Los Angeles, California to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lohrmann
? attends the University of Southern California
23 October 49 is a finalist for Queen Helen of Troy
2 December 49 is runner-up in California's Maid of Cotton pageant
13 September 52 marries Edward Dittenbir
? aspires to be an interior decorator
8 May 54 Ralph Dibble reports that "Barbara is one of those lovely young women who appear during a lot of the television commercials. She loves it... next week, she will be doing commercials for a movie entitled The She Wolf."
May 54 wins the Nevada Posture Contest
4 June 54 joins the AFTRA at the urging of her agent Dorothy Preble
10 June 54 reigns as Queen of the Los Angeles Home Show
13 June 54 her measurements are 36-24-36
August 54 competes for the title of Miss Nevada
? drops out of Miss Nevada because of an illness
7 June 56 her daughter Jeryl is born

26 August 60 is sued by dancer Sally Rand for not returning a car that she borrowed
9 March 62 when asked by Larry Paulson about age when photographing men, she says "as far as I'm concerned, between 30 and 38... at that age they're more distinguished looking..."
3 June 72 marries Roy Tobin
7 April 77 dies
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