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(Gilda Avakian)
2 February 29 is born in Boston, Massachusetts
? is a dancer with the Cansino Dancers group
13 October 53 stars at Frank Fouce's Million Dollar Theater vaudeville bills act
Edwin Schallert reports that "Gilda Fontana, an Armenian girl, making her debut in Spanish flamenco style, fiery and much alive, but more energetic than graceful at times."
29 June 57 Edwin Schallert reports that "Gilda Fontana... will portray a luring Mexican girl in The Western Story who attracts Jack Mohoney. Miss Fontana has lately been working in films in Mexico City."
24 January 58 is the honored guest of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Boyd Cobb after returning from filming in Mexico and South America
? has an affair with actor Gastón Santos
is offered a role in The Fugitive Kind (1960) by Marlon Brando, which she can't do because she is pregnant
June 59 her sons Jarett and Jayme are born
7 July 60 Eddie Sherman reports that "helping the popularity of The Gaslight is petite brunette Gilda Fontana, one of the cocktail waitresses. Gilda had a promising career in films and in clubs before deciding on Hawaii."
? starts a limousine company with a friend
31 October 15 dies in Costa Mesa, California after an 8-year battle with lymphoma
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