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Phyllis St. Pierre
Phyllis St. Pierre
(Phyllis M. St. Pierre)
29 is born in Massachusetts to Gaston and Mary St. Pierre
September 49 is crowned Miss Wine by C. Pappas Co.
February 51 stars in St. Joan at the Tributary Theatre
52 marries Romayne William Palumbo in Dade County, Florida
14 April 53 her son William is born
53 is offered a contract with RKO Studios, where she will appear in Son of Sinbad (1955) and The French Line (1954)
2 June 56 dies in an auto accident in Meade, Kansas while en route to an acting gig. Her son escapes with minor injuries, but her friend Lola Annunzio suffers fatal injuries
? is interred at Calvary Cemetery in Chicopee, Massachusetts
7 August 14 an anonymous source online says "I knew Phyllis Palumbo's 4-year-old son when he was in high school. His dad didn't do well after the loss and the son was bounced around between relatives eventually coming to my town in the late 60s.
Transcript-Telegram, The Boston Globe
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