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Rosemary Colligan
Rosemary Colligan
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(Rosemary Josephine Colligan)
21 May 24 is born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colligan
7 November 40 stars in the stage production of Lend Me Your Ears at the Weston Hall
43 is a John Robert Powers model
? studies at the Scranton-Lackawanna Business School
? studies at Fagan's Dramatic School
5 June 45 marries Y. King Zavala (Joaquin Zavala Urtecho) in Mexico
October 46 is featured in Look
January 47 is featured in PIC
May 47 is featured in True Experiences
October 46 is featured in Look
48 is a spokesmodel with Camel Cigarettes
August 49 is a finalist in Miss Rheingold
9 September 50 is featured in Collier
10 February 52 Frank Stout reports that "the yearbook of Dunmore High School predicted a few years ago that Rosemary Colligan would be one of New York's top models."
26 June 53 Dorothy Kilgallen reports that "before George Raft went to Europe recently, he turned over his house to his favorite girlfriend, starlet-model Rosemary Colligan, thinking it might be nice for her to have the use of the luxurious place while he was abroad. Rosemary liked it so well she moved in her entire family, and showed no willingness to evacuate when George returned."
12 January 54 Dorothy Kilgallen reports that "the long face on George Raft is for real. His old girlfriend, Rosemary Colligan, buzzed him to say she's marrying somebody else."
54 marries William Sullivan
? her son William is born
15 December 18 dies in New Jersey
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