Marilyn Bonney Profile

Marilyn Bonney
Marilyn Bonney
(Marilyn Lucille Bonetti)
16 July 31 is born in San Bernardino, California to Salvatore and Madelyn Bonetti
? wins the Dore Schary Scholarship to Immaculate Heart College
40 entertains the troops with Bing Crosby's Keep 'Em Happy show
22 June 40 is described as a prototype of Shirley Temple
5 July 47 is struck by the door of an elevator, and later unsuccessfully sues Elevator Maintenance Company for $32,800
23 January 52 Katherine Von Blon reports that "a new play by an unknown author... Not My Victory is written in tense sentences... Marilyn Bonney (under contract to RKO) was convincing and revealed a dramatic flair as Ann Boleyn."
July 52 is featured in Modern Screen
5 April 54 stars in Bell, Book, and Candle at the Palm Desert Little Theatre
30 January 10 dies in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel
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