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(Verna Charlene Stavely)
28 April 28 is born in Snyder, Texas, to Malcolm C. and Verna Vesta Stavely, nee Chandler
? her parents move to Washington
? graduates from high school in Hagerman, New Mexico
? stays with relatives near Snyder, Texas
September 44 the local press tells from McMurry College that she and Porter Brooks are dating
? after five weeks at McMurray College in Abilene, Texas, her parents ask her to come back to Washington
? starts modeling in Houston, Texas
56 is crowned "Miss Maryland," the predecessor of ill-fated Leona Gage
July 56 attends the "Miss United States" pageant in Long Beach, California
August 57 is among nine models sent to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Rose Marie Reid Swim Suits in Los Angeles and the Eileen Ford agency in Manhattan
October 57 does TV commercials
c. 58 becomes a $50,000-a-year model in New York at age 19
? is spotted in a Revlon lipstick commercial by Howard Hawks
October 58 is crowned "Miss Sweater Girl" by the Wool Bureau. The contest is held in the Crystal Suite of the Savoy Hilton Hotel in New York.
December 61 columnist Walter Winchell reports: “Gary Cooper’s pater-in-law, wealthy Paul Shields, who was daffy about Suzy Parker, is daffier about Jean Feldman, who replaced model Charlene Holt...”
63 is in the Toni Deep Magic Dry Skin Conditioner commercial
July 63 Rock Hudson escorts her to Cleopatra. Before the movie, she takes him to the top of the Kirkeby Building for dinner; later they return for the view.
is Hollywood's new girl in New York City and the new interest of Timmie Everett. He spends his profits from Pal Joy long-distancing her.
is put under personal contract by Rock Hudson
August 63 talks it over with her bosses, Rock Hudson and Howard Hawks, and gets permission to do a "Burke's Law" episode
January 64 the Abilene press wonders if former McMurry girl Charlene Stavely and TV actress and model Charlene Holt are one and the same
July 64 dates her co-star in Man’s Favorite Sport?, Rock Hudson
October 65 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “Neither has answered my calls, but their friends report actress Charlene Holt and wealthy bachelor William Tishman plan to wed. She and Tishman have been waiting for a long time.”
c. 66 films El Dorado on location in Tucson, Arizona. Her stand-in, young Lara Lindsay, will start a film career of her own.
5 October 66 she and millionaire builder William A. Tishman take out their marriage license in Los Angeles. “Tishman, 40, spent $2 on the license Wednesday at Los Angeles County Courthouse. The price went up to $5 today.”
7 October 66 as Charlene Stavely Holt, she marries Tishman in Los Angeles. He's 40; she's 38 but gives her age as 28.
November 66 is in Tucson, Arizona, for location filming of El Dorado
March 67 falls and pulls a ligament in her leg while skiing with her husband in Alta, Utah
April 67 she and Tishman reside in a luxurious hilltop house in Beverly Hill’s Trousdale Estates, filled with baroque antiques, a tall Spanish cabinet, and Italian chest with painted flowers, life-sized Dionysian figures in bronzed wood, and a grey-coated chef
will attend the Academy Awards in a burnt peach gown by designer John Hayles
January 68 entertains over 15 million GIs on the Armed Forces Radio Christmas Show
March 68 attends a lavish Hollywood party thrown by arranger-composer Jerry Fielding with hubby Bill Tishman and joins the table-top dancing
March 69 she and Tishman file for divorce in Los Angeles
June 72 divorces Tishman in Los Angeles
August 73 returns to the movies after the breakup of her six-year marriage to Tishman
September 73 is seen lunching with Henry Berger and new psychic Dorothy Raulerson
August 80 her agent says that “she was from Texas, but was never a Stavely and did not go to McMurray College”
? her last known address is 37024 Brentwood, Tennessee
5 April 96 as Charlene Holt, she dies at age 67 in Williamson, Tennessee
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