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24 January 26 is born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother’s maiden name is Mclaughlin.
40-41 attends John Muir Junior High School in Burbank
? moves to New York to model for the Hartford Agency
44 poses for Bernard of Hollywood
December 46 columnist Louella Parsons writes about Eileen "who's allergic to 'touch' and can't even hold hands with her boyfriend..."
47 is picked one of Warner Bros.` "Wild Irish Roses"
May 47 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells: "Gilbert Roland, once Constance Bennett's husband, is swooning over Eileen Howe..."
January 48 the press reports: "John Alden Talbot, Jr., who is being sued by his wife for separate maintenance, stands with Eileen Howe, a Hollywood model-starlet, at Palm Beach, Florida. Mrs. Talbot filed the suit in West Palm Beach declaring her husband's interest in movie actress Lana Turner caused her 'great mental anguish.'"
February 48 gives John Talbot the brush in Florida and returns to Hollywood
Parsons returns on her: "Lana certainly got a bad break in the John Talbot case. He has been with Eileen Howe constantly - and there were other girls he took out before he dined with Lana..."
March 48 columnist Edith Gwynn knows: "If l'affaire Talbot caused any rift between Eileen Howe and Howard Pine, they're not showing it..."
September 48 is a twosome with Lew Ayres
December 48 Kilgallen tells: "Jimmy Van Heusen is going places with Eileen Howe, but he still pines for Nora Eddington, who is currently trying to make up her mind about Errol Flynn and their matrimonial status..."
Late February 49 at the Fox and the Hounds, Parsons notes "Dean Martin and his blonde girlfriend, Jeanne Biggers, with Mack Grey and Eileen Howe, another model..."
October 49 is often called the prettiest girl in Hollywood
November 49 is the discovery of Lex Barker who seems now much less unhappy about his broken marriage
February 50 is on the cover of True Confessions
is on the cover of Pageant
March 50 back in Hollywood, she studies ballet, acting, and voice. Her measurements are 35-23-35.
Kilgallen reports: "Betty Hutton's about-to-be-divorced husband, Ted Briskin, is courting Eileen Howe, the beautiful cover girl who used to be a Howard Hughes favorite..."
April 50 is the date of Chicago camera-manufacturer Ted Briskin, the ex of actress-singer Betty Hutton, at the Beverly Tropics
May 50 attends a party given at Ciro’s for Dorothea Lee McEvoy, Screen Guide's editorial director, with Tony Curtis, one of filmland’s eligibles
June 50 she and John Howard are "a new combination at Ann Triola's opening at Larry Potter's Supper Club..."
July 51 is steadying with Danny Elman, the ex-fiancé of Joan Davis
October 51 is seen with Jimmy Cross at Pete and Billy Snyder's Melody Room
December 51 is the date of actor Scott Brady at Fox and Hounds
January 52 columnist Hal Boyle knows: "Gary Cooper's latest friend is named Eileen Howe...."
April 52 is seen with Gary Cooper at Mindy Carson's opening at the Mocambo
September 52 is seen with Bill O'Connor at Bob Dalton's
November 52 is the date of young actor Vince Edwards at Billy Gray's Band Box
December 53 is on the cover of Real Story
July 53 is with actor Scott Brady at the Gourmet Beverly, then he's off with Joyce Johnson to the Plymouth House
columnist Edith Gwynn reports: "Scott Brady and Eileen Howe have been dating. But we know whom she's really struck on - and it isn't Scott!"
January 54 is on the cover of True Confessions
4 March 56 marries Vincent Patrick Monahan in Los Angeles
31 August 56 her daughter, Lisa, is born
26 October 60 her son, Christian Michael, is born
March 74 divorces Monahan
15 January 96 dies at age 69 in Cosa Mesa, California, after a long illness
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